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All in One Microsoft Excel Course from Beginner to Expert Level.

What you will learn

Learn Basic Techniques of Excel like Maths, Logical Functions and Text Functions

Learn the Art of Orgnaizing your data, Sorting , Filtering and deriving meaningful outputs.

Learn to Use Basic Charting Techniques in Excel

Learn Advanced Techniques like Pivots, Lookup Tables, Formatting data and Basics of Macros.

Take your Excel Skills to a new level of Expertise and become a Excel Ninja


Of all the business and office tools available in the digital age, Microsoft Excel remains the most essential of them all. Excel is a critical and foundational tool for any successful professional, and you can’t afford not to master it. So this course was designed keeping in my mind that students have different needs in Excel based on their experience and knowledge level with Microsoft Excel. This online course has something for everyone, covering beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons in Excel.

The course covers basics formulas including IF, COUNT, SUM, SUMIF, and an array of other foundational skills to get you started and then gradually moves to other Advanced functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, GOAL SEEKER, Pivot Tables etc, so by the End of the course you have a firm grip on the subject and become a Miscrosoft Excel Ninja.

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The course has ample of resources for practice and there is a QnA forum where you can ask questions and seek clarification for your queries and doubts.

So looking forward to see you inside the course and lets EXCEL with EXCEL.



Getting Familiar with Excel

The Ribbon
The WorkSpace
Basic Navigation

Getting Started with Excel

Creating Your First File
Basics of Formatting in Excel

Basic Functions in Excel

Using Cell Reference in Excel Forrmulas
Absolute Vs Relative Reference
Basic Mathematical Functions
Some More Mathematical Functions
Basic Text Functions
Logical Functions
Conditional Mathematics

Additional Tools in Excel

Using Sort
Using Filters
Using Data Tables

Working with Charts

Bar Chart
Line Chart
Pie Chart

Printing an Excel Sheet

Prinitng an Excel Sheet
Congratulations on Completing the Basic Section

Import and Export File in Excel

Save and Retrieve Files in Different Formats

Advanced Functions in Excel

DAY and TIME Funtions in Excel
Introduction to Combo Charts

Conditional Formatting

Highlighting Cells
Data Bars
Icon Sets
Color Scales
Conditional Formatting Using Logical Functions

Pivot Table Essentials

Introduction to Pivot Table
Formatting a Pivot Table
Filters and Slicers
Using Pivot Charts

Data Validation and Lookup Tables

INDEX and MATCH Function
Understanding Data Validation

Introduction to Power Pivot

Why PowerPivot ?
Activating PowerPivot Add in
Creating Data Models and Relationships
Create Pivot Table Using Power Pivot
PowerPivot Calculated Fields and KPIs

Auditng an Excel Sheet

Auditing a Worksheet in Excel

What if Analysis in Excel

Goal Seek and Scenario Manager

Security and Password in Excel

Protecting a Worksheet , Workbook and Excel File

Introduction to Macro

Recording a Macro