What you need to know about properties, order of operations, exponents, roots and polynomials before starting algebra.

What you will learn

Students will learn mathematical properties.

Students will learn the order of mathematical operations.

Students will learn about exponents and roots.

Students will learn definitions of monomials, binomials and polynomials.

Students will learn about absolute value operations.


This course is designed for anyone at least 18 years of age starting an algebra course.  This course can even be used for adults or parents wanting to learn algebra for their own edification or to help the own children with these topics.  Although it covers some pre-algebra topics, it also goes into basic algebra topics so that upon enrolling in an algebra course, the student will be conversant and knowledgable in those topics.  Included in this free course are:

-Numbers:  a basic description of the development of the number system including integers, rational and irrational numbers.

-Properties:  Includes a description and examples of the basic mathematical properties used in algebra, i.e. commutative, associative, symmetric, distributive, transitive, substitution, inverse, identity, zero product and properties of equality.

– Order of operations: describes use of order of mathematical operations using the acronym PEMDAS.

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– Exponents and roots: Defines exponents and roots and their relationship.

– Absolute Value: Describes absolute value and how to solve for various equations involving absolute values expressions.

-Variable of Interest:  Using mostly properties of equality, shows how to solve for a single variable in a multivariable equation scenario.

This free course can be used as a refresher at all levels or it can be used for students seeing these topics for the first time to help with the more challenging topics in a full algebra course.



Mathematical Properties

Commutative Property
Associative Property
Symmetry Property
Distribution Property
Transitive Property
Substitution Property
Inverse Property
Identity Property
Zero Product Property
Properties of Equality

Order of Operations

Order of Operations

Exponents and Roots




Absolute Value

Absolute Value (Part 1)
Absolute Value (Part 2)
Absolute Value (Part 3)

Variable of Interest

Variable of Interest