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Learn Project Management the PMBOK way

What you will learn

Learn Project Management Terminology and Concepts

Understand Project Management Principles

Understand Project Management Domains

Help in Preparing for PMP Exam


The new PMBOK  Guide 7th Edition is here and there is a paradigm shift from other versions of the guide. Project Management Principles and Domains have been introduced in the new version of the guide.  In this course, we will review all of the guide’s main concepts including:

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  • Key terms of Project Management
  • Eight performance domains and Twelve principles.
  • Tailoring
  • Common Models, Methods and Artifacts used in various Projects.
  • Difference between old and new version of the PMBOK GuideThis course is taught by a practitioner and consultant Ulhas Samant, who has authored two books related to Project Management and Microsoft Project. He holds many professional certifications and has helped hundreds of students become certified in Project Management. He has vast experience in Engineering and Information Technology Domains. He has shared the same in the course using a lot of analogies, and real-life examples.This course is all you will need to understand the guide’s main purpose and how to apply its many concepts to your real work projects.

    If you are already a PMP certified individual and have studied older versions of the PMBOK Guide, this new 7th Edition is completely different and now applies to all different types of projects. This includes traditional, agile, and hybrid projects. So, it doesn’t matter what type of project you are working on, this course can help you better understand your stakeholders and to deliver successful projects.

    This course includes:

    Around Four Hours of video content.




Know about me
Introduction to PMBOK Guide 7th Edition

Standard for Project Management

Key Terms and Definitions
A System for Value Delivery
Functions Associated, Project Environment, Product Management
Twelve Project Management Principles


Introduction, Performance Domains
Stakeholder Performance Domain
Team Performance Domain
Development Approach & life Cycle Performance Domain
Planning Performance Domain
Project Work Performance Domain
Delivery Performance Domain
Measurement Performance Domain: Introduction
Measurement Performance Domain: Earned Value Analysis
Measurement Performance Domain: Business Value
Measurement Performance Domain: Stakeholders’ Satisfaction
Measurement Performance Domain: Measurements
Measurement Domain: Forecasting & Measurement Pitfalls
Uncertainty Performance Domain: Understanding Uncertainity
Uncertainty Domain: Strategies for Threats & Opportunities
Risk Response Strategy Quiz



Models, Methods and Artifacts

Introduction to Models. Methods & Artifacts
Models, Methods & Artifacts: Part 1
Models, Methods & Artifacts: Part 2
Models, Methods & Artifacts: Part 3
Models, Methods & Artifacts: Part 4
Models, Methods & Artifacts: Part 5


Concluding Remarks