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MDG Data Excellence: Cleansing, Quality, Duplication, with SAP Examples

What you will learn

Basics of data cleansing and its necessity

Identifying and resolving data duplicates

Data quality metrics and assessment techniques

SAP MDG principles and overview, applicable to any system

Spotting data errors in SAP environments, applicable to any environment

Techniques to correct data in SAP and any other environment

Utilizing Excel for data cleansing tasks, starting from an SAP export or other system data export

Best practices for data quality improvement

Maintaining ongoing data cleanliness


Embark on a journey to data excellence with our comprehensive course, designed to equip you with the essential tools and techniques for effective data cleansing within SAP environments. This meticulously crafted program bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, providing you with a deep dive into the world of data quality enhancement.

Throughout the course, you will unravel the complexities of identifying and eliminating duplicate data, a crucial step towards maintaining data integrity. You’ll gain proficiency in utilizing SAP’s robust data governance tools to pinpoint inaccuracies and resolve them efficiently. We’ll walk you through a series of real-world scenarios, teaching you to assess data quality with precision and navigate SAP systems with confidence.

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Learn not just how to clean data, but also how to sustain its cleanliness with ongoing assessments and optimizations. Our expert-led demonstrations will show you how to extract data for cleansing and execute mass changes within the SAP framework, ensuring that your data remains accurate and reliable for decision-making.

This course goes beyond simple data entry corrections; it empowers you to become a custodian of quality, leveraging SAP’s potent features to uphold and enhance data standards across any enterprise. Whether you’re a data management novice or seeking to augment your existing skills, this course is your stepping stone to becoming a champion of data quality in the digital age.




Introduction to Data Cleansing MDG Principles
Data Cleansing Introduction: SAP Demo
The Essentials of Data Cleansing

Principles Of Data Cleansing

Principles Of Data Cleansing
SAP Demo: How are duplicates created?
Principles Mastery Check

Benefits Of Data Cleansing

Benefits Of Data Cleansing
SAP Demo: Extracting data for cleansing
Benefits and Impacts Quiz

Cleansing Data

Cleansing Data
SAP Demo: Mass changes introduction
Data Cleansing Techniques Test

MDG Data Cleansing with SAP examples: Conclusion

What we’ve learned?
Course Wrap-Up Quiz