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Mastering API Testing with Postman: From Novice to Pro
Learn about APIs and how to use Postman with ease! Develop the skills needed to become a proficient QA engineer!

What you will learn

API testing with Postman

Basics of API and how their work

How to make requests with Postman

How to process responses with Postman and create Tests

Writing scripts with Postman

Using collections in Postman

Using Postman flows


Mastering Postman: From Novice to Pro is a comprehensive course that aims to demystify Postman and API testing, taking you on a journey from the very basics to advanced techniques utilized by experienced QA engineers. This course was developed to address a common struggle – the scarcity of accessible and reliable resources tailored to beginners. It has been meticulously designed to cater to individuals at various levels, ensuring that everyone, from newcomers to those with intermediate experience in QA engineering, can benefit.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain a solid grasp of Postman’s functionality for API testing and a deep understanding of APIs themselves. The learning experience is hands-on and engaging, with practical exercises, real-world examples, and insights from experts. By the course’s conclusion, you will have the skills and confidence required to excel in the role of a QA engineer.

Beyond mere learning, this course emphasizes mastery. You’ll transform into a proficient practitioner of API testing using Postman. Upon completion, you will possess the ability to navigate Postman effortlessly, decode the intricacies of APIs, and apply your newfound expertise to real-world scenarios, setting you apart in your field.

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This course offers a rich and accessible resource for those looking to conquer Postman and API testing, providing you with the knowledge and tools to excel in your QA engineering career. It’s a transformative journey that equips you with the skills needed to thrive in today’s software testing landscape.

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General Introduction to Postman
Understanding the Basics of APIs
Installing and Updating Postman
Navigating Postman – Header
Navigating Postman – Workbench
Navigating Postman – Sidebar
Navigating Postman – Right Sidebar, Footer
What is an API and why do we need them?
Send your first API request
Write your first test
Create your first workspace
Create your first collection
QUIZ about basics of building request, creating workspace, collection and test
Finding the Right API for learning purposes

Sending requests

Welcome to Postman!
How to build requests
Managing cookies
Receiving responses
Practice lesson
Sending requests quiz

Collections in Postman

Welcome to Postman Collections!
Collections overview
Using and running collections
A little bit more about Examples
Testing API performance
Postman Collection quiz

Scripting in Postman

Welcome to Postman Scripting
Scripts in Postman
Spoonacular API introduction
Writing tests and pre-request scripts
Running tests with monitors
Scripting in Postman quiz

Mock servers

Mock servers overview
Mock servers usage

API testing

5 essential API testing techniques
API testing interview questions
Quiz 2