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The Beginner Friendly Practical Code Along to Setting Up A Web Server with Express Framework and Node.Js – Step by Step

What you will learn

Practice to become an advanced and confident programmer with Express JS

Learn how to set up a web server from scratch with Express JS and Node JS

Express JS fundamentals: CRUD operations, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

Learn Templating Engines with Handelbars step by step

Build a serverless App with API requests

How to problem solve and dig through documentations like a developer


Are you familiar with Express Framework and programming in general, or have seen it mentioned in other projects and courses and are looking to train, sharpen and master your Express Framework step by step with code alongs and solutions every step of the way.

If you understand basic Javascript conceptually, or have recently just gotten started, but find you still need a solid extra boost to really lock it in and gain confidence as a developer and during interviews, then this course is specifically designed for you!

This course wastes no time and goes right into setting up servers and templating engines from a practical and professional stand point to give you all the basics you need for the Express Framework and Node.Js.

This course will cover from the ground up some of the most essential Express Framework configurations. We will gradually introduce more and more challenging concepts to give you a complete picture until you have succeeded in building multiple working projects you can demonstrate to others from scratch.

Learning Express Framework feeling fluent and able set up a web server that is overwhelming, especially when staring at a blank page under pressure, but there is one thing that can break through the barriers for you and take you to the next level – practice.

This course offers an efficient model of all the professional. That way you can move through the course freely at your pace and start at very beginning of programming in Express Framework learning about datatypes or jump right in to leet code examples, matrices, Fibbonaci sequences and much more.

Walking into a coding interview and having the confidence from fresh practice examples is what makes the difference between landing your dream job at a 150K+ versus feeling frustrated and uncertain.

I have worked for some of the biggest Unicorn companies in the valley, as well as have built successful applications with large dev team force and overseen popular interview questions from Google, Amazon, Uber and beyond. This course specifically focuses and encourages a disciplined approach to improving your ability to break down and problem solve data structures and algorithms with Javascript and help lift you up.

Why is this the right Express Framework course for you?

This is the most practice friendly for complete beginnersΒ  Express Framework practice and Node.JsCourse on Udemy. It’s an all-in-one topic by topic focused approach that will take you from the very fundamentals of Express Framework and web servers all the way to building your own servers.

You will learn Express Framework from the very beginning, step-by-step. I will guide you through the console with many code alongs and examples, important theory about how Express Framework works behind the scenes and more.

You will also learn how to problem solve like a developer, how to build out formulas from scratch, the proper conventions for your code, how to debug code, and many other real-world skills that you will need in order to confidently write programs from scratch.

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And unlike other courses, this one actually contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics.

But… You don’t have to go into all these topics. This is a focused course that focuses on Express Framework and it is designed to bring you a combination of courses all in one! But you can improve your skills by focusing only on specific parts of this course. You can use this course as the lifetime reference guide for certain topics as you continue to build projects, do interviews, land new jobs and learn more that you can always come back to anytime you wish to advance in a particular topic.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence that you need in order to take on Express Framework questions and build your own.

Why am I the right Express Framework teacher for you?

My name is Clarian, I’ve worked as a head engineer with top tech and entertainment companies around the world for over 15 years, tech developer, CEO, consultant in the space, and I am fully passionate and dedicated to what I teach.

I have recently been spending my time building comprehensive training models with clear explanations to help others evolve and grow by demystifying common misconceptions and problems.

What do we learn exactly in this course?

  • Careful and practical definitions, followed by clear examples, and exercises for you to try hands on in which we go over multiple solutions every time.
  • Essential breakdowns of Express Framework questions and solutions for Node.Js that show you how to do it on your own.
  • Multiple projects that we code along step by step including exercises and challenges
  • Optimization and refactoring techniques to not just write code, but write code that works according to its appropriate context.
  • Industry level experience and advice including key tricks and tips to look out for.
  • Q&A and a live online free active school with over 10,000 of my students including graduates and mentors working at Google, AWS, and deep in the startup life.
  • Lessons include:Β Templating Engines,Β CRUD, CLI, REPL, Asynchronous actions, Node.Js, Moment JS, Nodemon, Request and Response object, creating servers, server optimization. Rest API, Serverless Application and much more

Check out the course curriculum for an even more detailed overview of the content πŸ™‚

This is what’s also included in the package:

  • Clear explanations which come with exercises, solutions, and discussions
  • An online community of active developers and students is available for support and discussion.
  • Free support in the course Q&A

This course is for you if…

  • … you want to gain a clear and advanced understanding of Express Framework and coding interview challenges
  • … you have been trying to learn Express Framework but: 1) still don’t really understand programming completely, or 2) still don’t feel confident to code out problems
  • … you are interested in working as a programmer in the future
  • … you already know Express Framework and Node.Js and are looking for a course to clearly go over advanced topics.
  • … you want to get started with programming: Express Framework is an awesome and very interesting first language!

Does any of the above sound good to you? If so, then whenever you’re ready, start this new adventure today, and join me and thousands of other developers in one of the most code along oriented Express Framework course that you will ever need!



Introduction To Node JS

Introduction to Node JS
Advantage of Node JS
Quick Summary of Node JS Upcoming Section
Install Node JS
What is REPL Node JS
Asynchronous Node JS Demonstration SetTimeout
Download and Install Visual Studio Code
Set Up The Node Web Server Root Directories
Build and Launch A Node Web Server
Request and Response Objects in Node JS
Requesting Web Server Data in Node with curl
Responding with Multiple Endpoints in Node JS
Coding Solutions

Introduction To The Node JS FS – Filing System

Reading Files with Node JS
Writing and Appending Files with The File System Module
Deleting Files with Node JS
Exericse – Node File System HTTP Module
Solution – Node File System HTTP Module
Coding Solutions for this Section

Introduction To Express

What is Express JS – Introduction
What is NPM Node Package Manager and How To Install Express
Spin Up Our First Web App with Express
Set Up Routes in Express
Building a Website with Form Data with Express JS
Handlling Post Request in Express and Middleware
Coding Solutions

Express API Project from Scratch

What is Postman and How to Install Postman
Setting Up The Express Local Environment
Spin Up A Web Server with Express Js
Write A Basic JSON of User Data
Retrieving API Data with Express
Retrieving API Data with Express with Postman
Error Handling with Retrieving Data in Express
Post Requests with API Data in Express
Code Clean Up And File Structures with ROutes
Put requests and updating API with Express
Delete Request for APIS with Express
Coding Solutions

Templating Engines with Express JS

What are Templating Engines and what is Handlebars
Setting Up A Static Directory for Website with Handlebars
Configuring Views and Layouts with Express and Handlebars
Building out A Static Page with Handlebars
Default Layout Property With Handlebars in Express
Building Partials with Handlebars in Express
Dynamic Variables and Helper Functions with Handlebars
Coding Solutions