Marketing Mix Modeling with Excel: Learn the Science behind Advertising Investment

What you will learn

Learn what Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) are

How to explore Marketing Data

How to deploy a Learning Algorithm on EXCEL

Diminishing Return with Excel: How much can I spend before CPA increases?

Adstock with Excel: What’s the lagged effect of your ads?


I present to you the first Masterclass on Marketing Mix Modeling on Excel.

The science behind advertising investment.

Within the Masterclass you will discover:

– Ep 1: What are MMMs and how to exploit them to generate business growth

– Ep2: How to explore marketing data and deduce analysis hypotheses

– Ep3: How to use a learning algorithm on your data with EXCEL

– Ep4: How to simulate Diminishing Returns and AdStocks EXCEL

– Ep 5: How to create a predictive simulator on excel

– Ep 6: How to create an automatic advertising budget allocator with Excel.

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This methodology has not been effected by cookie’s restrictions and IOS14, for this reason MMM has becoming one of the most adopted methodology for Marketing Analytics in 2022.

The course has been designed to be extremely practical, and above all, suitable for beginners.

I chose excel, because it is a very powerful tool, usable by everyone.

I created it with the idea of ​​sharing everything I wanted to know when I started this path of analysis.

Everything will be FREE and public

For the moment I have created the first 5 lessons.

If you like this format, I will continue to share the entire Marsterclass.

This masterclass has already helped 100 students to implement marketing mix modeling inside their organization



Marketing Analytics and Mix Modeling: Science behind Marketing Investment

Ep. 1 Marketing Mix Modeling: Science behind Marketing Investment
Ep. 2 Marketing Mix Modeling: Marketing Data Exploration
Ep. 3 Marketing Mix Modeling: Learning algorithm with Excel
Ep 4: Marketing Mix Modeling: Diminishing Returns and Adstock transformations
Ep 4.1: Marketing Mix Modeling: How to display Dim. Returns and AdSock Graphs