Starting the journey to easily share your music with friends and family

What you will learn

Using DJ Serato Lite software to play music

Using the MPC Software to create music for your video

Using the Numark DJ2GO controller with MPC and DJ Serato Lite

Using your streamdeck to play the MPC drum kit pads


Making Music 6

Title: Making Music 6: From music production to DJ skills

Are you interested in music production and sharing your music with others?  Well, if you have invested in getting the MPC Software, and a DJ controller such as the Numark DJ2GO controller and are looking for a quick introduction to the basics then this is what the intention is of this video course.

The aim of this course will be to help you to use the Numark Dj2Go controller to use the Dj Serato Lite software so you can do the following:

1.  listen to the music you created with Dj Serato Lite and the Numark Dj2Go midi controller

2.  Using the crossfade feature

3.  Using the cue feature

4. Loading tracks to each deck

5.  Scratching feature

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6.  Troubleshooting if there is no sound

7.  Making playlists (Crates)

8.  The autoplay feature

9.  The Stems feature to separate the vocals, drums, melodies and guitars

I will also share how you can use the MPC software and map your midi DJ controller to the functions in MPC and also how to use your streamdeck hardware as a midi controller to play the MPC Drum Kit pads in the software

Students will be able to ….

  1. use serato dj to…
    1. listen to your music
    2. crossfade
    3. cue and cue points
    4. load on to each deck
    5. troubleshooting – sound- plug in headphones
    6. make crates
    7. autoplay

Course photo image credits:

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash




What is DJ Serato Lite?
How do I use the Stems feature? and use the controller?
How do I create music for my videos?
How do I map the Dj controller in MPC?
How do I use stream deck with MPC?