Mailchimp Customer Journeys: Learn how to create your own automated marketing with the newest Mailchimp addition

What you will learn

Automate you marketing

How to build and go live with Mailchimp Customer Journeys

Tips & tricks for Customer Journeys (the replacement for Automations)

How to create a Mailchimp email template (Bonus)

Why take this course?

Mailchimp have just released Customer Journeys. Get started with the new powerful way to automate your marketing.

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Customer Journeys is a new way to engage your audience and manage your contacts. This class covers:

  1. What Customer Journeys are.
  2. The elements of Customer Journeys; Rules, Starting Points and Actions.
  3. The available triggers for Customer Journeys.
  4. How to send an email or tag contacts.
  5. Tips & tricks.
  6. How to create a Mailchimp template (Bonus).

By the end of this course you will be able to create your own Customer Journeys.