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Here Are Some Best Editing Ways, Tips For Videos, Movies etc (Create Professional Videos On Your Own!)

What you will learn

Includes iMovie 2020 Updates

Edit Enitre Video From Beginning To End, Using Professional And Efficient Techniques.

By The End Of The Course You Will Be Well Experienced And Would Be Ready To Edit Your Own Short Documentary Using Either Supplied Footage Or Your Own Footage

Start A Project With Right Setting For Any Type Of Video, From Any Camera.

Export Your Custom Edited Videos In HD

Edit Your Videos And Make Them More Dynamic And Fancier With Cutaway Footage And Graphics (Pictures)

Design Clean And Professional Titles For Your Videos

Add Motion To Your Tittle

Motion To Your Videos.. Fixing The Shaky Videos By Stabilising Them

Film Style & Normal Colour Adjustments, Colour Fixing, With White Balance & Exposure

Add A Feeling To Your Video With BCK Music & Colour Grading

Apply Visual Effects Such As Stabilising Shaky Videos, Adding Filmatic Bars & Making Them Cinematic Feels

Edit Green Screen Footage & Add Background That Looks Fireee!!

Making Trailers With Already Created Samples By iMovie


If you have a Mac, you most certainly have iMovie or can download it, probably even for free. Maybe you’ve even used iMovie before.

This course is meant for all levels, from beginners to advanced users.
For beginners: because I explain everything. You need no prior knowledge before taking this course. And after finishing this course you will know everything about iMovie and you’ll be able to produce amazing movies and trailers, with movie clips, photos, transitions, titles, backgrounds and maps, with video and audio effects, using themes, etc.

What this course is:

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  • I will not teach you how to edit footage. in iMovie.
  • I will give you ideas on what movies you should make. The creative process should come from you. I will show you all the tools and techniques you could use in iMovie and chances are these will spark ideas in your mind for you to pursue in your movie creation.
  • This course only covers iMovie for the Mac and not iMovie for iOS, even though obviously many concepts are similar. The UI is clearly different. I may add a section in the future about moving a movie from iMovie for iOS to iMovie for Mac so you could start editing on your iOS device and then continue editing on the Mac.
  • iMovie has a small functionality called App Preview which is meant for developers to create short movie app previews to be put on the App Store. Basically it only adds a few additional elements you could use in your movies. I will not cover this feature. Maybe I’ll add another section about it in the future, but I believe that if you’ve mastered this class, you should know how to use this feature as well.

I’m sure you will enjoy this class and I can’t wait to see the amazing movies you will make!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone! Beginners will learn all the basics of iMovie.
  • Experienced users will learn pro features and tips to perform the impossible in iMovie.
  • Anyone who wants to edit movies easily and make the most out of iMovie.


Showing Dashboard
Explaining All Icon Features
How To Import & Export Footage In UHD
Editing Your Video
Sync Audio & Videos
Basic Editing: Trimming Clips, Split Edi….. etc
Adjusting Size & Position Of Your Clips
Adding Multiple Projects
Adding Filmatic Bars & Creating Filmatic Bars (Secret Revealed)
Adding Video & Audio Transitions
Add And Adjust Video Transitions
Editing Transactions Duration
Quickly Add Video And Audio Transitions
Custom Create A Blur Footage
Adding Titles In iMovie
Adding Specified Font
Editing Audio
Adjusting Audio Levels
Audio Transitions
Colour Adjustments And Auto Tuning Video
Basic Colour Settings
Final Checking & Exporting