Accelerate IoT development with the LwM2M standard

What you will learn

Learn the basics of the LwM2M standard

Implement the LwM2M Client on the Raspberry Pi Pico W

Connect the LwM2M Client to a LwM2M Server

Build an end-to-end IoT application with real sensors using LwM2M


Welcome to the LwM2M Academy, an immersive online course tailored to equip you with understanding of the Lightweight Machine to Machine (LwM2M) protocol. This program is designed to provide you with both the theoretical understanding and hands-on skills necessary to utilize this powerful standard to rapidly build reliable, secure and scalable Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

By the end of the course, you will understand the advantages of the LwM2M standard and possess the skills to implement it effectively. With a strong emphasis on real-world applications, the course is designed to provide you with practical experience, empowering you to build IoT applications confidently using LwM2M.

Course content
The course consists of 5 modules which will journey you through the diverse aspects of LwM2M, from the underlying principles and architecture to its implementation and optimization for creating robust IoT applications.

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Module 1 – Introduction to LwM2M
Module 2 – Getting started
Module 3 – Building LwM2M applications
Module 4 – Device management
Module 5 – Firmware updates

The practical exercises are designed around the Raspberry Pi Pico W hardware platform, used in combination with the Anjay SDK (LwM2M Client) and the Coiote IoT Device Management Platform (LwM2M Server).

Embark on this learning journey and explore the fascinating world of LwM2M.



Welcome to the LwM2M Academy

Introduction to the LwM2M Academy
Intro to the hardware & software used in this course

Introduction to LwM2M

Introduction to LwM2M
Introduction to LwM2M
LwM2M data format

Getting Started with LwM2M

Implementing Mandatory Objects
Getting Started with LwM2M
Bootstrapping & Registration

Building LwM2M Applications

Building LwM2M Applications
Building LwM2M Applications
LwM2M operations

Device Management

Device Management
Device Management using LwM2M

Firmware updates over the air (FOTA)

Firmware Updates
Firmware Updates Over The Air
Graduation Project