A simple way to use linux operating system

What you will learn

Understand the linux (Ubuntu) operating

Install the linux operating system on laptop/desktop

Interpret basic linux commands on machine

Create user Directory and Files with Linux Commands

Use libreOffice on linux machine


This course introduces the student to the use of Linux Operating system with particular including command line tool. The course is divided in four sections introduction,Installation & Graphical User Interface, Use of Linux Command Prompt and Use of LibreOffice.

The student will learn the operating system basics as the concept of operating system is needed to efficiently use any operating system. Only some laptop/desktop manufacturing provides inbuiltΒ  linux OS installed on machine. Every user should be able to install linux OS on their machine, the process of installation linux operating system on laptop/desktop is also added to understand linux installation process and to apply on user’s machine.

As various linux distribution are available, students will learn ubuntu distribution. The biggest advantage of linux OS is the environment of command prompt. The data servers/center available world wide is based on linux and all are accessed by using command prompt. In addition the student will learn about creating directories, files using command line andΒ  become proficient in the use of command line interface.

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There are various software which is required for doing certain task like google chrome, VLC media player, paint etc. The process of installing these software on linux machine is different from windows machine. In addition, student will be able to install various educational/non-educational software on linux machine. The linux operating system is having builtin LibreOffice to create power point presentation as LibreOffice Impress – A presentation creator, LibreOffice Writer – A word processor and LibreOffice Calc – A spreadsheet application. Students will be able to use LibreOffice to prepare PPT, excel sheets or documents.



What is Operating System
Linux Operating System
Linux Distributions
Installation and Graphical User Interface
How to create bootable pendrive
Installation of Ubuntu 20.04
Graphical User Interface of Ubuntu