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Hands-On Linux Safety Checks

What you will learn

Do Network Scans

Audit a Linux System

Automated Scans

Security Basics


Step into the insightful realm of the “Linux Security Audit” course, where the primary focus extends beyond mere learning, aspiring to significantly improve the safety and simplicity of your digital life.

Immerse yourself in the foundational aspects of securing your Linux environment, skillfully presented in a beginner-friendly manner tailored for those who are just embarking on their digital journey. This approach ensures that even newcomers can grasp the concepts easily. As you progress, develop the confidence to navigate the digital landscape fearlessly, guided by practical skills that empower you to effectively safeguard your valuable information.

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Remarkably, this course transcends the boundaries of computers, placing a special emphasis on enhancing your overall online experience. Commence your journey towards a safer digital world today, armed with newfound knowledge and skills that promise not only a more secure but also a more enjoyable online existence!

It’s important to note that you can utilize this course with any Linux distribution, as it is specifically designed for beginners. Whether you’re taking your first steps in the Linux world or are an enthusiastic learner looking to test your Linux security, this course is tailored just for you. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your understanding and skills, paving the way for a more secure and enjoyable digital journey!





Basic Network Scans

Basics of Ports
A Hackers Perspective

Manual Audit

Quick Commands
Log Files
Scan for Malware

Automated Scans

Automated Scans
Lazy Scans