Life Coaching Lessons

What you will learn

β˜‘ In this course you will learn the basics of coaching.


A professional life coach is your guide and companion to achieving your goals. It helps you to set correct and attainable goals, to take necessary actions on the way to the target, to focus on the target, to support you, to provide effective feedback in a timely manner and to provide your motivation.

It should not be forgotten that life coach is never a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist.

A good coach is a person who asks questions correctly and effectively. It questions the person whether their goals are achievable or not, and enables them to identify negative and negative factors and behaviors in achieving the goal and confront them in a sense. He regularly meets with his client, reviews actions, and makes a companion in achieving the goal as a result of the feedback he receives.

In this course, you will learn much more with video lessons in a clear and practical way.

Before answering the question of who is a life coach, I would like to find an answer to the question of who comes to life coach. Regardless of any position or position, regardless of their position, anyone with a good mental health who aims to live a self-awareness and lead a healthy life can receive life coaching support.

And the person should accept all the processes to be done in these studies and determine the action steps to be taken. The duty of the coach here is to test ethics and applicability.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

The individual needs coaching support in order to correct the negative situations he / she has experienced in his / her life and to realize the planned change (such as losing weight). While individuals are making new decisions about their lives, they also knock on the life coaches’ door.

In all these processes, individuals look for a life coach that energizes them, supports their change and inspires them as they are bored with the judgment of their environment. He prefers to go on a long journey in which there is professionalism, respect, love and tolerance in himself.





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