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Manage a YouTube Channel with Ease

What you will learn

YouTube Studio

YouTube Channel Management

YouTube Brand Account Management

YouTube Studio FEatures


Learning to Manage YouTube Channel from Scratch is a course that is focused on introducing YouTube Studio, which is a platform to manage YouTube Channels. In this course, you will be getting familiar with YouTube Studio and work with a Brand Account, and then manage the account. You will learn how to change the channel profile picture, change the channel banner image, and add basic information to the channel. We will also be focusing on how to work around channel privacy settings and notification settings.

Then we will cover how we can add featured videos and trailers to our channel to engage the audiences. This will be followed by video management features inside YouTube Studio to manage the videos that we upload to the channel. We will then also look at how we can add keywords to make our videos easily searchable on YouTube.

We will then explore various elements that we can add to our videos such as thumbnails, cards, and manage related videos on a playlist. We will also look at video editing features that are available through YouTube Studio such as removing parts of videos, blurring parts of videos, and even adding audio to videos.

After that, we will explore the collaboration features provided by YouTube Studio which allows multiple users to manage a single channel with different levels of administrative controls.

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We will also look at Audio Library for creators, captioning options for our videos, and community engagement features.

And then in the end we will look at how we can use the analytics features to track how our channel and videos in our channel are performing.

Hope that you will enjoy learning YouTube Studio with me.



Setting up a YouTube Channel

Getting Access to YouTube Studio
Creating a new Brand Account
YouTube Studio Interface
Profile Picture Change
Uploading Banner Image
Adding Basic Channel Information
Adding Links in Channel Page
Notification Settings

Uploading and Managing Videos

Uploading Single or Multiple Videos
Trailer and Featured Video
Setting Video Watermark
Adding Video Title and Description
Selecting Video Thumbnail
Keeping Uploaded Video in a Playlist
Audience Settings
Setting Keywords and Other Video Information
Video End Screen Options
Video Cards
Publishing Videos
Updating Video Information after Uploading
Trimming Videos
Blur Videos
Face Blur
Add Audio to Video

Manage Playlists and Content

Content Filter Options
Create and Remove Playlists
Playlist Video Addition
Playlist Title and Description Edit
Playlist Video Sort
Playlist Thumbnail
Add Videos to Queue
Add to Watch Later
Playlist Privacy Settings
Sharing Playlists
Download Playlist
Add All and Shuffle

Content Customization

Studio Playlist Settings
Section Management
Add End Video Elements from Editor
Accessing Audio Library
Uploading Subtitles
Add Subtitles Manually
Edit Automatic Subtitles

Managing Channel Settings and Analytics

Accessing and Changing Channel Settings
Setting Upload Defaults
Managing Comments
Community Settings
Live Streaming Options
Webcam Streaming
Getting Stream Key
Stream using Stream Key
Understanding Monetization Criteria
Overview of Analytics
Content Specific Analytics
Audience Specific Analytics
Research Section
Accessing Advance Analytics
Specific Video Analytics
Searching within your Channel


Community Posts
Image Posts
Text Poll Posts
Image Poll Posts
Video Posts
Posts Scheduling
Quiz Polls

Other Features

Utilizing Channel Handle
Dark and Light Theme
Uploading Content from other Applications
Permission Settings for other Users

Course Wrap Up