Lifeblood of the 21st Century

What you will learn

Understand the impact of the Internet and its effects on the exponential growth of knowledge

Decipher the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and its impact on you and society

Express your understanding of the term “Learning” and its meaning

Expand your horizon by knowing your potential through a Growth Mindset

Acquire learning skills to cope with the 21st century

Overcome procrastination with simple steps and a change in attitude


In this course, you will be exploring the topic on learning and why having learning skills for lifelong learning is so important in the 21st century. You will be exploring what is currently happening in society and the workplace as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. What are the demands and how do you react to ensure that you are successful in your life as you progress from college to the workplace and beyond?

You will be covering the following topics which consist of 2 parts, forming six units of learning. In the first part, we will be looking at what is happening today and how it will affect our future.

Whereas, in the second part you will be looking at learning. Learning has become an important skill for the 21st century because of the exponential growth of knowledge. You will be learning useful ideas and techniques that will help you to learn effectively and develop the good habits of a lifelong learner. I hope you will enjoy this module and develop learning skills that will help you succeed in your studies and future career.

So let us begin to explore and gain a better understanding of learning and develop the knowledge, skills and mindset of a lifelong learner.




What’s Happening?

The Internet and Its Effects


The Industrial Revolution 4.0


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Preparing Ourselves for The Future

What is Learning?


The Growth Mindset – Knowing Your Potential


Learning How To Learn Part 1


Learning How to Learn Part 2


Learning How to Learn Part 3


Learning How to Learn Part 4


Overcoming Procrastination