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Design Publications with Ease

What you will learn

Microsoft Publisher





Microsoft Publisher is part of Office 365 and is an easy-to-use yet powerful application to design publications. In his course, you will be learning the various tools and techniques to create new publications from scratch or by utilizing templates.

We will cover various aspects of the application such as managing business information, saving publications in various formats and page formatting. Also, we will see, how we can use various navigation options in the application to ease the workflow of designing publications.

Also, we will see different ways to format text and insert text from external sources. And then we will also see how we can work with shapes, and tables and manage content with the use of master pages.

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After that, we will look at how we can apply various effects to different elements as well along with the management of page numbers and headers and footers.

Then, we will also see how we can optimize the publication for the web and other publication options that there are and then finally end the course with an example project.

This course is designed for those who do not have any design background so even if you are a beginner, you can easily follow along this course.



Getting Started

Touring the Interface
Ways to Create New Files
Choosing Templates for Creating Publications
Saving Publication Files
Saving Publication as PDF

Adding Contents and Managing Contents

Adding Business Information
Adjusting Pages
Options for Printing
Zoom and Scroll
Insert, Duplicate, Arrange and Delete Pages
Changing Options for Built In Templates
Working with Placeholder Texts
Insert Text from Text File
Text Fit Options
Using Bullets and Numbers
Flowing Text Boxes
Adding Dropcap
Changing Number Style
Using Ligatures
Using Stylistic Sets
Accessing and Inserting Symbols

Using Correction and Translation Tools

Utilizing Spell Checker
Using Autocorrect
Using Thesaurus
Translating Texts

Drawing Tools

Using Drawing Tools
Using Custom Shape Tools
Coloring Shapes and Changing Shape Styles
Modifying Shapes
Using Shape Effects
Group and Ungroup Objects
Alignment Options
Utilizing Scratch Area
Measurement Options
Bring Forward and Send Backward
Text Wrap and Object Layout
Format AutoShapes

Inserting and Working with Pictures and Page Background

Inserting Pictures stored in Computer
Inserting Pictures from Online Sources
Changing Pictures
Using Picture Placeholders
Cropping Picture Options
Adjusting Brightness, Contract and Color of a Picture
Adding Caption to Image
Applying Different Background Styles
Setting Pictures in Document as Background

Working with Tables and Table Management Tools

Inserting and Editing Tables
Table Cell and Outline Formatting
Table Row and Column Management
Align Text in Table Cells

Page Spread and Master Pages

Enabling and Disabling 2 Page Spread
Utilizing Master Pages

Page and Content Management Tools

Saving and Using Custom Templates
Using Building Blocks
Making Custom Building Blocks
Adding Header and Footers
Adding and Formatting Page Numbers
Adding in Hyperlinks
Inserting Date and Time in Different Formats
Color Scheme and Font Change
Hyphenation Option
Enabling and Using Quick Access Toolbar

Design Verification and Publishing

Using the Design Checker
Publishing HTML File
Optimizing Publications for Web
Using Printing Options to Print Publications
Exporting for Commercial Printing

Email and Sharing Options

Making Mail Merge List
Processing Mail Merge
Using Email Merge Feature
Using Pack for Another Computer Feature
Sharing Publication through Email

Example Project and Goodbye

Example Project