A beginner’s introduction to Firewalld on the Linux Platform.

What you will learn

β˜‘ You will learn to install and configure Firewalld on Linux Operating System.


This course is designed for beginners and introduces you to firewall concepts, installation of firewalld , touches upon the zones in the firewalld. The course also equips you to understand the concept of ports and how client-server applications use the ports. There are sections dedicated to troubleshooting Firewalld issues fromΒ Windows and Linux platforms. There is innovative use of netcat command for you to anticipate future corrective course of action.




Learning Linux Firewall: Firewalld

Introducing Firewalld

Installation of Firewalld

Firewalld Installation

Zones and adding a service to the Firewalld

Firewalld Zones

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Allowing a service in the public zone

Understanding Client-Server Application with Squid Proxy Server

Understanding Client-Server Application and how ports are used

Troubleshooting from WIndows

Troubleshooting from Windows

Using the Netcat and Nmap commands

Using the Netcat command along with netstat and nmap to troubleshoot from Linux