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A express course for everybody who wants to learn how to read Ukrainian Cyrillic.

What you will learn

Learn Ukrainian alphabet.

Read and understand selected Ukrainian words.

Read a text in Ukrainian.

Write a short text in Ukrainian.

Learn basic greetings in Ukrainian.

Learn how to ready signs in Ukrainian.


Привіт усім! Welcome to “Learn to read Ukrainian” .

This express course is designed to teach you how to read Ukrainian Cyrillic in a fast and easy way. It will not take more than 30 min of your time and provide you with the necessary knowledge to start reading in Ukrainian.

Lecture 1 presents the Ukrainian alphabet that consists of 34 letters. International Phonetic Alphabet correspondence is provided. In this lecture you will get acquainted with the Ukrainian ABC. The way the letters are pronounced and the sounds they represent.

Lecture 2 teaching you how to read words in Ukrainian. The words in this lecture have been carefully selected in order to provide the students with smooth intro into Ukrainian reading.

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Lecture 3 reading a text about daily routine. It is about a day in a student’s life. Every sentence in this text consists of just one word. In the end of the lectured students can write a text of their own, describing their daily life using the words they learnt in this course.

Lecture 4 and 5 are extra practice lectures. They will teach you some basic greetings and introductions. You will also learn to read the signs you might encounter in the city.

This course is an intro-course for everybody who is interested in learning Ukrainian but has not previous knowledge.
It might also be interesting for people eager to learn how to read Ukrainian Cyrillic.




A brief introduction. The Ukrainian alphabet.

Reading practice.

Читанка. A reader.

Reading a text

День студента. A day in a student’s life.

Extra Practice Section

Small talk
Reading the signs.