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Taught using whiteboard teaching method. Makes learning easy. Use SQL to properly execute queries in a database.

What you will learn

Code in SQL

Properly execute queries in a database using SQL

Appreciate potential of SQL

Begin using SQL


From the creator of SAP LSMW Made Simple, comes another introductory course. Follow the instructor as he shows you step-by-step on how to properly execute queries in a database using SQL. This course assumes you have no prior knowledge of SQL.

The lectures are organized in an ‘easy-to-learn’ format so as to make learning fun. It is important that you go through the lectures in the sequence given, i.e. from the very first lecture to the last one. Additionally, in this course, the instructor will teach by writing over the screen. This simulates what you might have experienced in a traditional classroom setting.

The instructor recommends that you view each lecture in its entirety first. Immediately after watching each lecture, practice in the database – using the same example used in that lecture – to ‘lock-in’ the new material. To facilitate this, you will be shown where to download and more importantly, how to install both the SQL Server and the Database. (Both are free.)

Not decided yet?

Then read the 5-star rated reviews from our enrolled students :

  • This course is definitely the best start for a beginner, everything explained in plain language. Thumbs up – Alao Oluwatosin Samuel
  • This is the best SQL course I ever attended as a beginner. Thanks a million – Nsikak Edet
  • Well-structured course, simple explanations, achieve the proposed – Marco Silva
  • It was very much easier and I have learnt a lot from. Thanks. Much appreciated – Tumoitsile Segomotso
  • It was so easy to understand. I had tried to learn basic but didn’t understand – Mah M
  • The course was presented in small steps which made it easier to absorb the material – Trish Donaldson

Still unsure? Read on.

Once you have completed this course, you will acquire not only a taste and appreciation of the potential of SQL. You will also be more than ready to properly execute queries in a database.

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Introduction to Course


Installation of Software

Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition

Installing Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Installing AdventureWorks2014

Understanding Key Terms

What is SQL

Overview of Database/Table/Column

SELECT Statement and FROM Clause Explained

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Using SELECT * Statement and FROM Clause

SELECT Pre-Chosen Columns


SELECT TOP 50 of Pre-Chosen Columns

Using SELECT Statement with AS

Using Comments

Understanding WHERE Clause

Using WHERE Clause with >

Using WHERE Clause with =

Using WHERE Clause with = AND >

Using WHERE Clause with = OR <

Using WHERE Clause with BETWEEN

Using WHERE Clause with LIKE

Using WHERE Clause with IS NOT NULL

Using WHERE Clause with IS NULL

ORDER BY Clause Explained

Using ORDER BY Clause (Order by Column Name in Descending Order)

Using ORDER BY Clause (Order by Position of Column Name)

Using ORDER BY Clause (Order by Alternate Name of Column in Descending Order)

How To Use WHERE and ORDER BY Clauses Together

Using WHERE and ORDER BY Clauses Together