Officially become a podcaster through this course

What you will learn

Ideating Podcast topics & formats

How to record & edit a podcast

How to promote & distribute a podcast

Why take this course?

About course

By the end of this course, you will have your very own podcast live for free and available across multiple podcast streaming platforms. Become a podcaster and share your stories, ideas & conversations. Let’s start podcasting!

Topics we will be covering in this course:-

  • What are the virous topics & formats you can make a podcast with.
  • How to write a podcast script for various podcast formats
  • What can you use to record your podcast and ensure you capture high audio quality
  • What can you use to edit your podcast
  • Podcast editing basics; how and where to add background score to your podcast
  • How to distribute your podcast across multiple platforms
  • How to promote your podcast on social media

The course have various assignments to push you towards creating, recording & launching your podcast. Keeping you engaged and informed about everything related to podcasting.

About host

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– No need to purchase equipment

– No need to buy, download and learn audio software

– Free in-built tools available

– Free Podcast hosting offer