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Master bharatanatyam tutored by Naveena Muthukrishnan, direct disciple of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam

What you will learn

Bharatanatyam for beginners

Learn basics of Bharatanatyam

History of Bharatanatyam

Requirements and secrets to become a professional classical dancer

Level 1 – Nritya Pravesika

Movements of the body parts (Bedams)

Bharatanrityam in the style of Padma Bhushan Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam


This course is just a preview of a couple of our classes. It makes you informed and trained about the preliminaries of Bharatanatyam. Can be described as your dance guide for level 0.

However, if you need live demo and corrections you can ping your tutor for help.

As we have termed this course as level 0, we would like to clear the air upon the other courses offered, as well.

Level 1 – Bedams, Angas, Upangas

Level 2 – Adavus, Basics, Complex, Understanding and application of rhythms

Level 3 – Charis, Boocharis, Akasha Charis, Nritta hasthas, Some basic items

Level 4 – Alarippu, Kouthvam, Padam, Shabdam, Tillana, Mangalam

Level 5 – Pushpanjali, Varnam, Extra items and proficiency

Students are eligible to perform salanga poojai after level 4 and arangetram after level 5!

You can also enroll in our online classes to become a professional dancer. Don’t worry about perfection, leave it to us. We guarantee 100% perfection, as we are achieving it currently with our students who are remotely connecting to us.

Our tutor is Ms. Naveena Muthukrishnan who has been deeply associated with dance for 15+ years. She has completed her bharatanritya arangetram under Padmashri Padma Bhushan Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. She is exceptionally trained in various courses of classical dance including Nritya Praveshika, Nritya Visarada and Nritya Sali (which is the rigorous fine art training of learning the 108 karanas prescribed by the 2000 year old bharatamuni’s Natyashastra).

Admissions for October Batch is open. Though, we are just left with a few more seats!

For admissions, reach out to us through [email protected] or (WhatsApp) 91+7904845626.




Teacher Introduction


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Why to dance?

Why you learn dance?

Important Requirements

Postures in bharatanatyam

Reference by students

Natyarambham and Reference by Student


Learn swift and rhythmic neck movement

Nava Rasa

The Nine primary emotions

Stages of learning

Stages in dancer’s life


Introduction to bedams


Basics what you’ve learnt

Know us better

About guru and her style

About us

Peak into our class

Peak into our class