Content analysis helps conducting a research of your content and Content strategy enables the use of all resources

What you will learn

Will learn to understand the importance of content in marketing

Will learn to use content optimally in marketing campaigns, offers and other content oriented ventures

Why take this course?

This course covers the topics of Content Analysis and Content Strategy.

These topics have great significance in the marketing industry today because Content is now the central part of every marketing campaign – be it be online or offline.

There is no second opinion on the view that content needs to be minutely examined while using it for marketing ventures. This course will make you understand Content Analysis which helps in conducting a research of your content and provide knowledge, new insights, a representation of facts and a practical guide to future action required for your content creation and management process.

This course further covers the topic of content strategy which plans the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content — in all mediums. A Content Strategy is made as it enables the use of all resources of content which a brand has at that point of time.

Continuous evaluation of use of resources and performance is required to check if your content strategy is hitting your targets. The lectures of this course will help you have a basic understanding of content analysis and evolve an optimal content strategy for your brand.



Our review

—**Course Review for Content Analysis and Strategy**

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**Overall Rating:** 4.00


– **Variety of Information:** The course offers a good range of information on the topic, with a comprehensive level of detail that is beneficial for learners looking to deepen their understanding of content analysis and strategy. (Multiple reviews)
– **Useful for Intermediate Content Creators:** For those who are already familiar with basic content creation, this course serves as a refresher and provides tools for more effective marketing plans. (Several reviews)
– **Well-Indepth Insight:** The course gives an in-depth but complex understanding of the subject, which is suitable for learners who want to delve deeper into the use of content. (One review)
– **Provides Useful Information:** The instructor offers valuable insights on what to consider when creating, managing, and using content. (One review)


– **Module Length and Detail:** Some learners found each module too short and not informative enough, suggesting that they could be expanded for clearer understanding. (One review)
– **Instructor’s Accent and Sound Quality:** The instructor’s foreign accent and poor sound quality in slide decks made it difficult for some students to stay focused. A few learners even preferred reading a transcript over watching the lectures. (Several reviews)
– **Lack of Practical Examples:** The course lacks real-world examples, which would be highly beneficial in illustrating how content analysis and strategy can be applied in various industries. (Two reviews)
– **Repetition and Clarity Issues:** There are instances where the same details are repeated, and overall clarity on the subject matter is lacking, suggesting a need for clearer presentation and perhaps more focused lectures. (Several reviews)
– **High-Level Overview:** Some learners felt that the course was too high level and not practical enough, with a suggestion that it would benefit from a how-to approach instead of just an overview of the topic. (Two reviews)
– **Sound Quality Suggestions:** A few recommendations were made for the instructor to improve sound quality by getting closer to the microphone or speaking more clearly. (Two reviews)
– **Need for Additional Resources:** Learners requested additional resources, such as PDFs, and suggested that the course could be updated more frequently to include these materials. (One review)
– **Lack of Real-World Application:** It was emphasized that the inclusion of practical examples, like creating sample websites and demonstrating content strategy implementation, would greatly enhance the learning experience. (One review)
– **Beginner Accessibility:** Although this course is recommended for those looking to delve deeper into content, it should be noted that beginners may also find value in it but might need additional context or examples. (Multiple reviews)
– **No Practical Examples for Content Analytics:** A significant concern was the absence of practical examples to show how to apply content analysis and analytics in real scenarios. (One review)

**Recommendations for Improvement:**

– **Improve Sound Quality:** Ensuring that the instructor’s voice is clear and audible will improve the learning experience.
– **Increase Detail and Clarity:** Provide more detailed explanations and perhaps fewer general words to focus on key points.
– **Include Practical Examples:** Offer real-world examples, especially in the form of case studies or actual content strategy implementation, to give learners a better understanding of how to apply what they’ve learned.
– **Update Course Materials:** Regularly update the course with additional resources like PDFs and ensure that the content reflects current best practices and techniques.
– **Addressing the Basics:** For beginners, it might be helpful to start with a foundation on the basics of content creation before diving into content analysis and strategy.
– **Incorporate APP Formulas:** Include teaching on formulas like “Agree, Promise, and Preview” (APP) which could enhance persuasive writing and marketing strategies.

**Final Thoughts:**
The course provides valuable insights for those who are already familiar with the basics of content creation and looking to advance their knowledge and skills in content analysis and strategy. However, there is room for improvement in terms of sound quality, clarity, practical examples, and resources to better serve a wider range of learners, from beginners to more advanced content creators.