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Learn LangChain, Implement applications powered with LLM models like OpenAI – A complete project-based learning.

What you will learn

Helps you to create LLM powered applications that will help you save time and increase efficiency

By the end of the course , you will be capable of working on real time projects

Explore useful concepts that can be used in your projects

Get downloadable resources for hands-on


Learn LangChain from scratch by implementing applications powered with LLM models like OpenAI, and Hugging Face using Python – A complete project-based learning which will help you go from zero to hero.

This extensive LangChain course is made to give you the abilities and information needed to create innovative LLM solutions for a range of problems.

You will go on a journey throughout the course, beginning from scratch and using LangChain to create practical LLM-powered applications as we progress.

With the help of LangChain, programmers may fully use large language models (LLMs) and produce ground-breaking applications. It makes it possible for language models, like ChatGPT, to be integrated with external data sources, improving their capacity to understand and respond to human language. LangChain, which was created using Python, provides an easy-to-use interface, especially for beginners.

LangChain is the best library for you if you want to construct sophisticated language-based applications rather than sticking with basic techniques like keyword matching or rule-based systems. Developers can open up significant possibilities by utilizing the strength of LLMs and combining them with other cognitive or information sources thanks to LangChain.

Course Covers:

This is a complete practice-based course, where you will learn the concepts by actually implementing the concepts:

* LangChain

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* LLMs

* Chat Models

* Prompts

* Indexes

* Chains

* Agents

* Memory

You will do practical activities and real-world projects throughout the course to strengthen your understanding of the concepts and techniques. You will be competent in applying LangChain to build strong, effective, and scalable LLM applications for a variety of uses by the end of the course.



LangChain Introduction

What is LangChain?
Let’s understand the LangChain benefits

OpenAI Introduction

What is OpenAI?
OpenAI API Key Generation

Demo & Environment Setup

A LangChain Example – Implementation Demo
Anaconda Installation

Models Overview

LangChain’s Modules Overview
LLMs Walkthrough

Project 1

Project 1 – LLM Model Integration with LangChain