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Supercharge Your Job Search – Enhance Your Resume, LinkedIn® Profile, Interviewing, and Networking Abilities and More

What you will learn

Develop a clear understanding of the job market and the skills required to succeed in it.

Identify personal career interests, strengths, and areas of expertise.

Learn to create a winning resume that showcases your skills and experience.

Build a powerful LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters and hiring managers.

Develop interviewing skills to confidently impress potential employers.

Understand the importance of networking and learn to build a professional network.

Learn to request references and effectively follow-up with potential employers.

Gain practical skills to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Gain a concise and practical resource to enable you to achieve your career goals in a short time.

Explore the secrets of successful job searching from an experienced instructor.



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Determining your Career Interest

Importance of identifying your Career Interest
Introduction to Interest Profile.
Demonstration of the online Psychometric tool
Reading the Interest Profile report

Crafting an Effective Resume

Importance of Crafting an Effective resume
10 Components of an Effective Resume
Components of Job site and extracting content for your resume
Ideas to create right job experience

Creating a powerful virtual professional profile

Tips to create an effective LinkedIn Profile
Tips to create an effective jobsite profile

Reaching out for Jobs

Strategic Networking and Pitching for Job
Preparing for Interview