The course for beginners in web api. JSON is used as communication format in web api.

What you will learn

What is JSON?


Data types in JSON

JSON and javascript


The course is for people holding some or no knowledge about JSON. The people searching to gain knowledge in JSON and JSON APIs. JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation. It is the specification to notate the object in javascript so that the notation can be parse to the native object in any programming language. The enrolling person needed to have some knowledge about HTML/CSS and javascript. The course lectures will be

1) What is JSON?Β  : lecture for describing the JSON and its syntax. Advantages and purpose in web API.

2) Data Types in JSON: the different way to represent the data according to the type of value. String, Number, Object, Array, Boolean and Null.

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3) JSON vs XML : The other format for any web api is XML and some description about XML will be covered. Why to choose JSON over XMLΒ also covered.

4) Browsing the public JSON APIs for practicing: there are several APIs available for public for practicing or for non profit cause. The beginners can browse those APIs and integrate in their applications

5) Calling the JSON API in javascript ajax XMLHttpRequest : Calling a public JSON API for converting the currency from USDΒ to INR. In this lecture the javascript syntax for XMLHttpRequest is used .




What is JSON?
Data types in JSON
Browsing public JSON APIs for practicing.
Calling a json api in javascript ajax XMLHttpRequest