This course presents a way to start with Unit Tests in Java (in a Spring Boot App)

What you will learn

What are Unit Tests in Java

Why are Unit Tests a vital point in any Java project

How to write meaningful Unit Tests in Java

Unit Tests – Tips

What practices should be avoided when writing unit tests


This course presents a way to start with Unit Tests in Java. The examples that I’m providing are inside a Spring Boot App. I think this adds value for you when it comes to getting a clearer picture of Unit Tests in an actual environment that is used by thousands if not millions of apps.

I think that it’s important for you to understand that these are my opinions when it comes to unit testing. I’m sure that there are many advice out there which are better than mine. What I’m trying to present here is how I see the Unit Tests after a couple of years of professional experience with them. I try to discuss about different topics that I learned about in the most basic ways.

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This course comes up with answers about what are Unit Tests and why it’s good to have them. It also has a practical part, in which I present you some code samples of unit testing. In the end, I mention some tips that helped me along the way, and then I enumerate bad practices that I’m trying to avoid.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that this course will help you!



Course introduction

Course introduction

Introduction to Java Unit Tests

What is a unit test?
Why create and use unit tests?
Unit tests – mandatory or optional?

Coding part: Write meaningful Unit Tests

Create a Spring Boot App that has two endpoints
Which classes are we going to unit test and why?
Unit tests for the Controller class – addNewCar()
Unit tests for the Controller class – getAllCars()
Unit tests for the Service class – Code coverage


Golden rule
List of things that I try to keep in my mind

Bad practices

Try to avoid doing the following

Course recap

Course Recap
Thank you for your time
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