Build the foundations for server side programming, a MUST learn for server side application developers/aspirants.

What you will learn

Get deep insights about single threaded and multi-threaded client/server communication using TCP/IP

Understand UDP, HTTP and understand working of HTTPServer using a Mock Server.

Build simple peer-to-peer chat and group chat apps.

Why take this course?

Socket programming is an essential part of the language that enables you to understand how applications communicate over the network. This helps in enabling you to understand how client server communication works and also gives you more insights into how server applications are built.

It is important for each and every application developer (including Java developers) to have an understanding of how socket communication works. Hence this course is an absolute necessity.

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The primary focus points of this course include

  • How TCP/IP communication works
  • How UDP/IP communication works
  • Basic client/server coding using multi-threaded client/server.
  • Get working knowledge of HTTP communication using Mock HTTPServer.
  • Build a Peer-to-Peer chat app using TCP/IP
  • Build a Group Chat app using UDP/IP.

Once you are familiar with the above topics you will be able to confidently deal with the current client/server applications.