Java Functional programming with lambda and streams

What you will learn

Basic to expert level of understanding of functional programming

Lambda features

Basic to expert level understanding of Lambda

Expert Level understanding of Streams API


In this course, you will be able to learn the basic to expert level of using the lambda and streams

which helps you to develop quick and more readable, and concise code in your work


1. What is the lambda expression?

2. How to use the lambda expression ?

3. Benefits of the lambda expression?

4. What is the SMI or Functional interface?

5. What is the OOTB functional interface ?

6. How Java has implemented Functional programming?

7. Lazxy evaluation

8. Immutability with lambda expression


1. What are streams?

2. How to use the streams?

3. What are the benefits of using the streams?

4. What is the syntax of the streams?

5. What are the operations of the streams?

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6. How to create streams?

7. Hands-on the Creation of the streams?

Array, Collection, With a collection of values, With Stream builder, With Stream iterate, With Stream generate

With iterator stream support

8. What are the intermediate operations?

filter, Map, flatMap, distinct, sorted, peek, limit, skip

9. Hands on the intermediate operations?

forEach, toArray

Collect, Reduce

Min, Max

Count, anyMatch

allMatch, noneMatch

findFirst, findAny

Chaining of theΒ  intermediate operations

10. What are the terminal operations?

11. Hands-on the terminal operations?




Explanation of Lambda Expression

First Hello world Functional Interface

Functional Interface
Quiz on Functional inteface

Syntax of the Lambda expression

Lambda expression with argument and return types

OOTB Functional Interfaces

OOTB Functional Interfaces
Consumer and Supplier
Function, Predicate and UnaryOperator
BiFunction, BiConsumer, BiPredicate and BinaryOperator
Lambda with method and constructor reference
Quiz on OOTB Functional Interfaces

Introduction to Streams

Introduction to streams


Intro Stream in use
Stream operations
How to create Streams?
Immutability and lazy evaluation of objects in streams
Hands on the stream operations part 1
Hands on the terminal operations
Quiz on the streams