IT Architecture Foundations
Details about IT architecture concepts

What you will learn

The fundamentals of IT architecture

Examines topics within an IT architecture

Challenges organizations face when using IT to meet their business goals

Information security and how to manage risks


Everyone would be hard pressed to find a business which does not use computer systems, and in fact, it would probably even be challenging to find one which does not have a network infrastructure as well.

IT Architecture is the overall design of the computer systems which keep your business running smoothly. Or you could say it is kind of like a blueprint for all technology in your business enterprise.

This is an introductory course, that is mean to cover IT architecture at a very high level. And if you are truly looking to become an IT architect, please understand that there are certain areas, depending on your background, that you very well may need to research further.

We are going to talk more about concepts. So you do not have to have anything other than the ability to watch these lectures. Now, as far as prerequisites to watch this course, it is an introductory course, so you do not have to have a lot of knowledge, but you should have general knowledge of various computer technologies, as well as general knowledge of basic networking technologies.

You will learn about the following topics.

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-The fundamentals of IT architecture

-Examines topics within an IT architecture

-Challenges organizations face when using IT to meet their business goals

-Information security and how to manage risks

Okay, it will just help you to understand a little bit about what about this course, as we go through the course if you at least have a basic understanding of computer and networking systems. So that is pretty much it. That is what you need to know. We can go ahead and get started on the course.



IT Architecture Introduction

Overview of IT Architecture
IT Architect Selecting

IT Architecture Developing

An Enterprise Defining
Types of the Enterprise
Successes vs Failures
Common Tasks of IT Architects
IT Architect Roles
Tools ot the IT Architects