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Get Your ISTQB Certification for ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) v4 Syllabus 2023

What you will learn

Successfully prepare and pass the 2023 ISTQB CFTL 4.0 and become Certified Tester within couple of weeks

240 questions similar to those that will be on the real exam

Gain a general understanding of software testing and the role of the software tester.

Familiarize yourself with the format and content of the ISTQB-CFTL v4.0-2023 certification exam.


ISTQB CTFL v4.0 Mock Exams and Detailed Explanations

Certified Tester Foundation Level Sample Exams to Practice Syllabus 2023 Syllabus for Certification | 240 Questions

Software Testing Certification – ISTQB

Welcome to our comprehensive practice test course, tailor-made for your ISTQB-CTFL Exam preparation. This course is meticulously structured to emulate the most authentic and exam-like experience, complete with a variety of question types spanning all ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus v4.0 (21.04.2023) chapters and learning objectives.

Each test within the course has been crafted following the precise structure and learning objectives set by the ISQB for the CTFL exam.

Mindful of non-native English speakers, we’ve set the test duration at 75 minutes. However, if English is your first language, aim to complete the test within 60 minutes.

The official pass score for the exam is 65, but to maximize your chances of success, we recommend aiming to score 80 or higher on at least the last three tests, if not the first three.

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Upon test completion, the review stage provides not only the correct answers for each question but also extensive explanations that serve to supplement your knowledge and offer fresh insights. These explanations are given for every question and cover both correct and incorrect options, thereby enlightening you on the reasoning behind each choice. The additional information presented includes specific syllabus references to further assist your understanding.

Regardless of whether you are just embarking on your ISTQB-CTFL exam preparation journey or in the review phase, this course is designed to cater to your needs. If you’re unsure of where to start, the assessment tests can help pinpoint the areas you need to concentrate on. Once you feel prepared, the simulation tests provide a real-exam atmosphere to gauge your readiness.

Please take note:

The questions included are NOT official questions from IIBA. However, they have been formulated to mirror an actual examination in terms of formulation, difficulty, and subject coverage.

This course does NOT include any video content.

Udemy does NOT provide a certificate of completion upon completion of this course, as it’s designed as a Mock Exam.



Chapter 6: Test Tools