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Requirement analysis, tool selection, implementation, training, testing, and deployment of inventory management tools & techniques.

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Title: Inventory Management: Tools & Techniques

Description: This comprehensive course delves into the fundamental principles, tools, and techniques essential for effective inventory management. Participants will explore the intricacies of inventory control, optimization strategies, and best practices to enhance operational efficiency and profitability. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical case studies, learners will grasp the importance of accurate demand forecasting, inventory valuation methods, and inventory classification systems.

Explore inventory management essentials with a focus on tools and techniques for effective control and optimization. Learn inventory analysis, demand forecasting, JIT principles, and inventory software applications for streamlined operations.”

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Key topics covered include inventory replenishment models such as EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) and JIT (Just-in-Time), inventory carrying costs analysis, ABC analysis, and inventory turnover ratio calculation. Participants will also learn about inventory software systems and technology-driven solutions for inventory management, including RFID, barcode scanning, and inventory tracking software.

By the end of this course, participants will have acquired the skills and knowledge needed to streamline inventory processes, minimize stockouts, reduce excess inventory, and ultimately optimize inventory levels to meet customer demand while minimizing costs. This course is ideal for supply chain professionals, inventory managers, operations managers, and anyone involved in logistics and inventory control.




Inventory Management – Tools & Techniques Basic Concept Part 1
Inventory Management – Tools & Techniques Basic Concept Part 2
Tools & Techniques Part 1
Tools & Techniques Part 2
Tools & Techniques Part 3