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Learn the basics HTML,CSS and JavaScript to create a simple web page within 5.5 hours.

What you will learn

HTML (Lecture and code demonstration)

CSS (Lecture and code demonstration)

JavaScript (Lecture and code demonstration)

Integrating HTML,CSS and JavaScript to make a simple website


After analyzing the current market of Profitable Skills we were able to conclude that web development is a profitable that is easy to learn and will benefit the majority of students. Hence, we came up with this course to benefit the students who are curious about web development and want to improve themselves by learning more profitable skills. This course will provide the basic knowledge & understanding  of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Furthermore for the benefit of the students we have included a simple web development project where you can apply the HTML,CSS and JavaScript knowledge that you learnt to create a simple rock paper scissors game. This course is for anyone who are curious about web development but have no idea about it. Also note that this course is for beginners.

You will learn following under each topic –


• HTML Headings

• HTML paragraph tag

• HTML Line Breaks

• HTML Text Formatting

• HTML Links

• HTML Target attribute

• HTML Images

• HTML Tables


• Introduction to CSS

• CSS Syntax

• Internal CSS

• External CSS Introduction demo

• Inline CSS Introduction demo

• Order for multiple style sheets

• CSS Selectors

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• CSS Class Selectors

• Colors in CSS

• Background Colors in CSS

• Padding in CSS

• CSS Rounded Corners

• Using multiple background images with CSS

• Using Animations with CSS


• Introduction to JavaScript

• Setting up the environment to run JavaScript

• Live Server Demo

• JavaScript integration with HTML

• Arithmetic Operators

• Strings in JavaScript

• JavaScript Methods

•  JavaScript Built-in objects

• JavaScript Variables

Bonus – A final capstone project is available where we demonstrate how you could apply the knowledge gained to create a simple website.




Introduction to HTML (HTML Basics) Part 1
Introduction to HTML (HTML Basics) Part 2
Introduction to HTML (HTML Basics) Part 3
Introduction to HTML (HTML Basics) Part 4
HTML Tables – (HTML Basics) Part 5

Cascading Style Sheets [ CSS ]

CSS – Introduction
CSS – Video 2
CSS – Video 3
CSS- Selectors Pt.1
CSS – Selectors Pt.2
CSS – Colours
CSS – Backgroud Colour
CSS – Padding
CSS – Rounded Corners
CSS- bg & animations


Javascript – Introduction
JavaScript – Setup
JavaScript – Live IDE
JavaScript – Arithmetic Operators
JavaScript – Strings and JavaScript Methods
JavaScript – Variables
JavaScript – Operators

Web Development Sample Project [Step by step guidance]

Starting the project
Adding the CSS Pt.1
Adding the CSS Pt.2
Adding the CSS Pt.3
Adding the CSS Pt.4
Adding the JS Pt.1
Adding the JS Pt.2
Connection JS with HTML
Final touches to the project