By MJ the Fellow Actuary

What you will learn

In this course we will look at the purpose of the actuary, the dimensions of risk, the actuarial syllabus, the various exams and some study tips.

  • What is the Purpose of Actuarial Science?
  • What are the Dimensions of Risk?
  • What is the complete syllabus of Actuarial Science?
  • What Actuarial Exams do I need to write?
  • What Study Techniques can I use?

This course aims to answer the questions above and be an introduction to anyone writing the actuarial exams.

I’ll also be adding lists of recommended textbooks for each subject and other resources in time.





The Purpose of Actuarial Science

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The Dimensions of Risk

The Actuarial Syllabus

The Actuarial Exams

Alternative Study Techniques