Use Shamanic tools, Roses, herbs, plants, crystals, seashells, sound, visualisation and journeying for energy healing

What you will learn

Learn to use high vibrational Roses for energy healing purposes.

Learn how to clear the energy body with Roses and Shamanic tools.

Learn how to use Roses alongside Shamanic Journeying guided visualisation and meditation for spiritual ascension.

Learn how to make Rose based self care products.


When I placed a fresh Rose on my heart chakra I was taken aback at its energy. The Rose has a powerful energy that I have only felt with Lemurian crystals and Clear Quartz points placed on the third eye. I was not expecting what happened next with the Rose. I experienced a Rose activation which forms the basis of this meditation. It is said by Energy healers that Roses vibrate at 320 hz or some say they vibrate at 528hz. The Rose can be used in the ethereal realm such as visualising a Rose and welcoming its healing energy. Roses have one of the highest vibrations of the flower and plant kingdom and can be used for healing, activating the energy body and clearing negative energy. Roses can also be used to bring in love. This course consists of Rose healing practises and a meditation and activation to the frequency of the Rose. The meditation forms part of my Shamanic Seashell and Crystal energy healer course but I am offering it here in this stand alone course aswel. Working with the Rose is a special modality that can be incorporated into your healing practise or spiritual routine. The meditation in this course is designed to assist in raising your frequency and to introduce you to this modality. The body vibrates at 62-78 hz and the Rose can be used to experience a higher level of consciousness. Rose healing is an ancient practise from Mexico that can be used to work through emotional trauma, pain and negative beliefs. Roses can also be used to unlock ancient flower codes which is what I myself experienced. Roses provide cellular and vibrational healing. The Rose can activate the Divine Love that we hold within and activate the heart chakra which bridges the gap between the lower and upper chakras. If you have access to an open Rose place it on your chest/heart chakra as you listen to the meditation or simply visualise it there. I hope you enjoy this free introduction to Rose healing which includes a Rose limpia/Rose energetic cleanse protocol and meditation.  The workbook at the end of the course has additional exercises and practises that you can do and use to facilitate Rose healing ceremonies for others.

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Introduction to the therapeutic properties of Roses

Intuitive Rose healing meditation practise and using Rose products

Intuitive Rose healing and meditation practice with a rose
Using Roses and Rose products for healing

Introduction to the downloadable Rose cards and their healing frequencies

The Rose energy healing cards and their frequencies
Rose healing cards downloadable pdf

Rose limpia energy healing

Rose limpia and Shamanic energy healing

Rose dieta

Rose Dieta

Rose heart clearing and light body activation

Rose heart activation and light body activation

EFT tapping sequence

EFT Rose energy tapping statements for each chakra
EFT tapping sequence

Workbook for the course

Workbook for the course
Meditation cards