Learn basics of BRIM, SOM, CI, CC, FICA, Subscription Model, Usage Model, One-Time Model, Integration with SD

What you will learn

Introduction to SAP BRIM ( Billing and Revenue Management)

Market orientation towards Servitization and why SAP BRIM is needed in today`s market

Limitations of Core SAP to handle Subscription Business

Overview of SOM (Subscription Order Management) and SAP CC (Convergent Charging)

Overview of SAP CI (Convergent Invoicing) and FICA (Financial and Contract Accounting / Contract Account Receivable and Payable

SAP BRIM Business Model – Consumption Based Model / usage-based model / pay per use model

SAP BRIM Business Model – Subscription Based Model / Recurring Based Model / Periodic Based Model

SAP BRIM Business Model – Event Based Model / One Time Charges

Integration with SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)


In this course, we will see Introduction to BRIM.

Section 1: Introduction to BRIM – We will first get basic Introduction to BRIM, along with what are the topics that are going to be covered as part of this course.

Section 2: Why is BRIM needed – In this we will first understand the market trend switching from selling products to selling services and how it is a win win situation for them as well as customers. Then we will see Flexible Consumption Business model and what are the types of Flexible Consumption Business Model- namely Pure Subscription, Pure Usage, and mixed along with example of companies lying in each category. Then we will go through some more examples of companies who have decided to switch from selling products to selling services.

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Section 3: Core SAP Limitations – Here we will first understand what could be some necessary characteristics required for a software to handle this Subscription business. Then we will understand for each characteristic which core SAP feature can fulfill this requirement and what feature core SAP is lacking. Then we will understand the core SAP gap in more detail along with some real world examples.

Section 4: BRIM Overview – In this we will first see BRIM Overview, its Software Development Life Cycle, how it was originally structured vs how it is structured now. Then we will see different components of SAP – SOM, CC, CI and FICA along with peripheral components. Then we will see SOM, CC, CI and FICA in detail along with live system.

Section 5: BRIM Business Models – Here will first see SAP BRIM business models – Subscription Based, Usage Based and Event Based in detail along with demo on live system. At last we will see how BRIM gets integrated with SD.



Introduction to BRIM


Why BRIM is needed

Why BRIM is needed

Core SAP Limitations

Core SAP Limitations

Overview of BRIM

Overview of BRIM
SOM (Subscription Order Management)
SAP CC (Convergent Charging)
SAP CI (Convergent Invoicing)
SAP FICA (Financial and Contract Accounting)

BRIM Business Models

Consumption Based Model
Subscription Based Model
Event Based Model
Integration with SAP SD