Start your journey in the field of Data Analysis and learn about what you need to become a data analyst

What you will learn

What is data analysis?

How data analysis started?

Who is a data analyst, data engineer and data scientist?

What type of questions data analysis can answer?

What are the types of data analysis ?

Why data analysis is important?

How data analysis is done?

What skills are needed for a data analyst?

How to start studying for data analysis?

What certificates are available for a data analyst?

What books should I read as a data analyst?


I want to be a data analyst as soon as possible as everyone is quickly involved in this fields posting their online certificates on LinkedIn!

I have heard the above wish so many times that I can’t count! Therefore, as my role is a Data Superhero, I will take your hand out of all that chaos! I will help you to become your own Data Superhero!

In this brief course, you be introduced to the main concepts in data analysis. You will understand the meaning of data analysis as well as the tasks and responsibilities of a data analyst and much more.

For me, I was so lost at the beginning of my journey in the data analysis field. Therefore, I want to help others to start their journey in this amazing field.

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If you are looking for a quick and easy introduction to data analysis, this course is definitely for you!

On the other hand, if you are an expert in the data analysis field, then this course will give you an overview about the field of data analysis.

So grab your coffee and watch my course ! I hope you enjoy it!

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What is Data Analysis ?
How Data Analysis Started ?
Who is a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist?
What Type of Questions a Data Analyst Can Answer ?
What are the Types of Data Analysis ?
Why Data Analysis is Important?
Example of Companies Who Implemented Data Analysis
How Data Analysis is Done ?
What Skills are Needed for a Data Analyst (1) ?
What Skills are Needed for a Data Analyst (2) ?
What Skills are Needed for a Data Analyst (3) ?
How to Start Studying for Data Analysis (1) ?
How to Start Studying for Data Analysis (2) ?
What Certificates are Available for a Data Analyst ?
What Books Should I Read as a Data Analyst ?
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