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Industrial SCADA and ITOT from Cyber Security and Zero Trust
Overview about making SCADA and ITOT more secure for Cyber Security threats using Zero Trust techniues

What you will learn

Learn concepts for building a secure SCADA from Cybersecurity point of view

Define Zero Trust objective and implementation

Detail on how to secure the network to overcome risks that nobody wants in SCADA and ITOT

Examples and practices will help achieve world wide standard of security and compliance


In this course, I will give an overview on how to design and implement highly secure SCADA platforms. This course can be a good start point for beginners and also I hope will be interesting to follow even for experts in the field. The theory from this course will surely need adaptation over time while new threats will appear.

The course follows zero trust techniques that I am also using in my daily activities. They are very important because older frameworks which contains even methods like just unplugging cable and considering it more secure. methods that was proven in practice to be a really bad one.

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This course is intended to share the knowledge I gathered in many years of experience. I will happily accept discussions invites and debates and maybe they will me and also this course to improve while we all improve the security of our systems.

This will not be the definite containing all and have the direct and proven path to success. I can’t say enough, cyber security needs to evolve over time at same rate or better than vulnerabilities evolves. Our lives start to depend more end more on IT and OT is just a part that usually we don’t easily see with our own eyes but believe me, you don’t want an OTΒ system to be hacked and used in malicious activities.




Introduction and About me, the trainer

Introduction on SCADA and why Cyber Security topic is so important

Overview on SCADA and Cyber Security
Components of SCADA platform

Basic concepts when you plan the design of an ITOT

Basic concepts when you plan the design of an ITOT
Single point of failure examples
How to use maintenance windows for redundant units

Cyber Security for a SCADA system

CIA Triad
Zero trust and defense in depth
Least privilege – using LDAP and Active Directory
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
802.1x Network Protocol
Network access control

Computer Network Design and Considerations

Network Segmentation
Segmentation Based on Role
Segmentation Based on Risk
Computer Network Switches
Computer Network Firewalls
Remote Access
VPN and Corporate Access
Remote Devices and Industrial Communication Protocols

Servers and Other Infrastructure

Physical servers
Cloud servers
Virtualization layer
Operating Systems
Other Infrastructure

Securing The Platform

Defense In Depth
Fighting Malware
Out Of Band Connections
Centralized Management and Control
Securing Common Network Protocols
Vulnerability Testing and Assessment

Logging and monitoring

Asset Management and Inventory

Data Analysis

Mirror Traffic and Network Taps
Decrypting traffic for analysis

Platform Backup

Platform Backup

Best Practices

Air Gapped Systems
PKI and Certification Authorities
Physical Security
Procedures and Protocols

Closing Thoughts

This is Just the Beginning