A simple and effective skill of Chinese people to exercising at home during the epidemic.

What you will learn

Hope to find a method of exercising at home during COVID-19 pandemic.

Hope to improve the immunity through exercise to defend COVID-19.

Hope to understand and learn Chinese Qigong and Taijiquan at the same time.

Experience how Chinese people care for their lives during the epidemic.


◆The whole world knows that China has successfully controlled the epidemic of COVID-19, which is determined by many factors. Among them, in the early stage of the epidemic, the Chinese Martial Arts Management Center advocated that local martial arts associations should organize martial artists to prepare indoor exercise skills and exercises, so as to better cooperate with self isolation at home and effectively improve the immunity of the people.

◆Teacher Zhang Jiping also enthusiastically compiled this set of Indoor exercise trilogy. The feature of this skill set is that it is easy to learn. Anyone can learn it directly with the video. However, its function is not simple. It can improve the ventilation performance of the lung, improve the ability of body skin to exchange Qi with the outside, promote blood circulation, quickly eliminate fatigue, and effectively enhance the body’s immunity.

◆This set of exercises has been promoted to Wuhan mobile cabin hospitals, and three of them had adopted this set of Indoor exercise trilogy. This set of skills also won the gold medal in the Indoor skills competition of Jilin Wushu Association.

◆ content of indoor exercise Trilogy:

1. Eighteen exercises for health care: warm up for 7 minutes, activate body functions through more than 20 groups of movements, moisten joints and tendons, and unblock Qi, blood and meridians.

2. Baduanjin qigong practice of breathing is a 10 minute static pile. The first four sections of the Baduanjin qigong are repeated twice. The action is simple. Stretch the tendons and bones, stretch the limbs, and at the same time, add mindfulness and breathing, which greatly improves the effect of heart and breath regulation, exercises the respiratory muscles and enhances lung ventilation.

3. Tai Chi single exercise could do for 10 minutes. It give only two actions: wild horse’s mane and knee hugging with hitting palm. It is used as a complete routine, practicing both inside and outside, promoting Qi, activating blood circulation and warming yang.

◆ exercise precautions:

1. Don’t exercise for an hour before and after dinner.

2. The Infestors should follow the doctor’s advice, do with proper amount of exercise and don’t sweat much.

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3. Adjust the indoor air and temperature for home exercise.

4. Adjust your breathing at any time according to your feeling during practice, and don’t stick to the breathing rhythm of the guide words.

5. Friends with chronic diseases such as hypertension should pay attention to symptom monitoring and exercise self-protection.

6. Drink water before practicing.

7. This set of videos is suitable for beginners. On this basis, you can continue to complete the internal mind training method of “single operation eight forms” and add “Golden Bell stake”.




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