.Get off the fence, get into the game

What you will learn

Students will think about the course of their lives and the choices they make

They will understand where their priority in life lies and how to reach their chosen prioritized goals


The mission of the Spirit of the Game Foundation is to “help individuals and organizations maximize their positive Impact on the world.  The pandemic has given all of the opportunity to reflect on our life choices and in many cases realize that even if we aren’t actively making the world a worse place, we also aren’t fully engage in being a part of the solution.  This course will provide you with the initial steps needed to adapt a new internal framework for making tough life choices as well as the opportunity to connect to an external framework of a community of like minded individuals from all over the world, all actively working towards “a new definition of winning”.

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We invite you to join us on a journey of introspection, personal development and strategic planning to create your own Personal Impact Platform, complete with action steps and engagement in a global community with regular online events and regular opportunities to both get involved in our current initiatives as well as turn your own raw ideas into workable programs under our banner and with the assistance of a worldwide network.
You can also find our more about our work at SpiritoftheGame dot org, including our latest initiative, The Impactful Business Network.




Our core principles: 1st Spirit of the rules
Be continuously introspective
be actively non-judgemental
unpack conflict calmly
Be personally accountable
Where does the Name Spirit of the Game come from?
The link between refereed sports and the world of business and politics

Exercise 1:

Exercise 1 – Survey

Exercise 2:

Exercise 2 – Personal growth status

Exercise 3:

Exercise 3 – Trying new habits

Exercise 4:

Exercise 4 – Prioritizing personal growth

Exercise 5:

Exercise 5 – Step out of your comfort zone
Personal Story of Stepping out of your own comfort zone

Exercise 6:

Exercise 6 – Reviewing yourself

Exercise 7:

Exercise 7 – If you had a magic wand
Exercise 7 – If you had a magic wand; Questions

Exercise 8:

Exercise 8 – Describe your ideal world

Exercise 9:

Exercise 9 – Starting to engage others. Pay it forward

Exercise 10:

Exercise 10 – Asking tough questions

Exercise 11:

Exercise 11 – Developing an action plan

Overview of the Spirit of the Game Foundation

Overview of the Spirit of the Game Foundation