What you will learn

Think deeper about curriculum design

Learn more about what the IDeA Model entails and how they can apply the model to their respective lines of work

Why take this course?

***This course is only available for purchase for Singaporeans as a part of a SkillsFuture coaching bundle. Enrolling in this course without purchasing the entire “IDeA Model” bundle will not provide you access to the offline coaching bundle.***

This course is designed to help curriculum designers as well as key stakeholders in the CET sector, to better understand their beliefs about curriculum designing as well as to help the organisation in communicating their beliefs.

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In any industry, miscommunication among stakeholders are inevitable – this may result in project delays and cancellations. The IDeA Model serves to avert such situations from happening, as it is a useful tool that can be used to align expectations of the respective stakeholders and to keep discussions focused on the deliverables of any project.

By undertaking this course, participants will learn more about the IDeA Model, how this model benefits them, as well as how they can apply this model to their respective lines of work.

This course combines in person and online pedagogical methods to create a deep and seamless learning experience. Thus, this course is only available to users in Singapore who can attend the in-person training.