Human Resource Management Crash Course

What you will learn

Students will be introduced to the field of HR

Learn the responsibilities of human resource planning and learn about the decisions that must be made

Learn how to plan and execute the interview process that is crucial in selecting the right employee

Learn how to create appraisal systems and how to devise a training and appraisal system that works


In the first lecture, we will get to discuss the course objectives and the functions of HRM professionals, the human resource planning decisions that must be made. We will understand the difference between HRM and Personnel Management, and we will discuss the skills needed for HRM professionals.

In this course, we will discuss the Talent Management Process steps that should be done to determine the demand and supply of personnel needed.  What does the Recruitment and Selection process entail? such as the job analysis. We will also learn how to create job descriptions, using employee specifications.  You will learn what you can do to attract suitable candidates,  learn how to devise a standard employment application form.

The other lectures discuss the interview process, how to conduct one and how to screen and evaluate a candidate.

You will also understand how the performance and appraisals system work and the steps involved in the designing of the performance appraisal process. We will also discuss the various methods of performance evaluation.

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And finally,  you will learn how to compensate, motivate and retain employees. I will also show you how to calculate the rate of labor hours turnover by using a formula that will tell you if the HE department is performing its duties and responsibilities of retaining staff and how the results can affect the organization.

Overall, this course will provide you the basics of HRM professionals.



Course Objectives
Functions of Human Resource
Introduction to the Talent Management Process
Job Anaysis
Job descriptions
Employee Specification
Attracting Suitable Candidates
Resume Screening
Standard employment application forms format
Interview Process
Compensation & Benefits
Performance Appraisal
Training & Development
How to Motivate & Retain employees
Critical Skills Gap analysis
Test your knowledge