Beginner’s Guide: Start Hula Hooping – Discover How Much Fun Exercise Can Be

What you will learn

Start Hula Hooping – Beginner Adult’s Guide to Hula Hoop

Learn How to choose the Best Hula Hoop for You! Learn to keep it spinning!

Why take this course?

If you are brand new to hula hooping this course will help you get started. You will understand what kind of hoop is best for You, what it takes for a hula hoop to stay up and why. Most adults try the little and light toyshop hoops and fail and never try again. I am here to help you see why that is and get you super pumped to start working out with a proper hula hoop.

You will be able to keep it spinning and you are going to be inspired to keep dancing, laughing and learning with your hoop.

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Your confidence will reach a whole new level as you are learning a fun new skill that can be done anywhere. You can hula hoop at home, indoors, outdoors, in a gym, dance studio or even at the park with your family or on your own.

Your physique will soon start changing and you will fall madly in love with your hooping practice. The moment you want to learn some cool new moves and tricks and fun workouts, remember to come back and check out my other courses. New courses will be added regularly to keep you entertained and challenged and sculpt your body and elevate your mood.

Life will never be the same again once you start hooping! Join me, begin the shiny new confident and fit chapter of your life with hooping and me, Bee Varga The Hula Hooper!