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To arrive at complete freedom

What you will learn

Students will learn about their ultimate purpose in life

Students will learn what it is like to work for the greater good

Students will understand the importance of relationship between oneself and the universe

Students will learn how to access the right path to liberation in life

Students will learn how to keep their hearts free so they can enter into the greater expansion of life

Students will learn what it is to have universal thoughts, feelings and actions

Students will learn what it is to live as a universal Being


Welcome to the course-How to work for the universe? To arrive at complete freedom!

This course is a deep explanation about why we are here and what is our true purpose in life. As we grow in our lives we have different milestones to reach and we face several hurdles in arriving at our destination. The milestones keeps changing and they keep getting harder and difficult to reach, as we are thrown into tougher and more complex situations each time to overcome in our lives.

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This course explains clearly that throughout our lives journey, we are faced with choices and how these choices shape our destiny. As we grow each day without knowing where we will end up, we may or may not live in consciousness of life. But it is these choices that we make throughout our lives, that will lead us to our total freedom. So this course talks about the important choices we have to make and to learn and understand with what we may be faced in the near future.

This course includes the intimate conversations between the seeker and the universe. The relationship that has been developed for over 45 years and how these conscious choices the seeker made, took her to the ultimate freedom. Through her conversations she reveals and encourages everyone to choose this path of connecting to the universe and working for it, so we can all arrive at complete freedom and fulfil our lives purpose.




The School for Enlightenment -Mission
What is this course about?
Your spiritual coach

The Universe

Our personal love
For the greater good
The cause of suffering
Choosing the universe
Moving towards god
Staying where you are
To be complete with god
Circle of God meditation

The Path

The right path to the universe
Accepting Universal love
The direct connection
The indirect way
What blocks the heart?
Keeping your heart free
What comes through you?

The Universe Speaks

All as you
Purity of expression
The Universe Speaks
The final let go
Entering the vastness


All the love
Having a relationship with the formless
Meditate with the formless
Discovering formlessness
Staying with formlessness
Universal being