The Most Actionable Startup Course Ever: Screenshares, Tactics, Real Meeting Recordings and Case Studies.

What you will learn

How I built my business ContactOut to 10million revenue: Screenshares, Exact Step by Step Process

How to get Business Ideas by studying 100s of companies

Finding million business mentors like Bill Gates, James Clear and more

Executing on startup ideas: screenshare with real case study from ContactOut

Talking to customers

Building products: case study with ContactOut’s JIRA board and internal Slack comms

Growth and Marketing Case study: How to get 1 million traffic from Google SEO

Grit and determination: 99% success


This course describes the exact steps I took to build my business ContactOut to 8 figures in revenue.

If you go through this course and implement all the tactics,
find me on Linkedin
and I’ll be open to investing up to $100,000 in your business.

This course is a screenshare with me sharing everything from:
– How we got developed business ideas by studying 100s of companies in our industry

– How we talked with 50+ mentors, from ex-founders, ex-employees to famous people like Bill Gates & James Clear

– Our exact product development process, JIRA board, Figma designs, and real customer interview feedback
– How we used got 1million+ in traffic from Google SEO and converted that into 10million revenue

Key Learnings:

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1. How to get business ideas:
We’ll go through how to study 100s of companies in an industry in order to become an expert. I go through dozens of competitor products break down what I learnt from them, and how I incorporated different ideas in ContactOut’s final product. We’ll study the marketing channels that different firms are using and how to reverse engineer them in order to get traffic, via SEO, paid ads, partnerships and social media. I go over developing a sales process by booking sales demos with dozens of competitor companies, recording all of them and taking the best parts. And taking all the sales collateral and pitch decks as inspiration. Then I’ll share what I learn from hundreds of conversations with users, ex-employees of competitors, founders and industry experts in the space.

2. Testing startup ideas
We’ll talk about how to test startup ideas by talking to users and validating that there’s demand before building.

3. Finding mentors:  I’ll talk about the exact email I sent to NYTimes best selling author James Clear to score a mentorship session with him. Then I’ll show you how I interviewed business leaders at competitors of mine, and how I eventually convinced them to join my business. Including Harvard grads and accomplished business leaders who’ve built unicorn companies. Finally I’ll share how to get mentored by Bill Gates.

4. Product development: I’ll share Figma designs, JIRA boards, and ContactOut’s exact product development processing, including our weekly goals for individual team members, meeting recordings and how we communicate on Slack.

5. Product Market Fit:  I’ll share lots of real world case studies of how companies found product market fit. Companies like Zoominfo, Pilot, Rupa Health, Luminai. We’ll cover building product in the leanest way possible via: – manually providing the service first – building one product line first – building on top of open source software – white labeling a competitor’s product

6. Growth and Marketing: How I got 1million monthly visitors from Google using programmatic SEO and how I converted that into 10million in revenue. We’ll start with keyword research. Then we’ll talk about sourcing datasets and how to use ChatGPT to interpret and add value to datasets and generate programmatic SEO pages. I’ll show you our process of indexing pages, and talk about our process for link building in order to build site authority and help us rank. I’ll share our process for hiring and training our link building team as well as the outreach email templates we used to build over 800 links. Finally we’ll talk about monitoring results and adjusting as needed.



How To Get Business Ideas – Tips from 8-Figure CEO

Come up with Startup ideas: Study 100 companies, Talk to 100 ex-employee & users
Pick the Right Industry
Analyze Market Leaders: Study 100 Companies
Product Development Process: Ideation to Execution
Marketing Channels
Learning Sales
Talk to Industry Experts and Ex-employees
What would you ask in a Mentorship Session?
Leverage Competitor Hiring Trends
Talking to users
Grit and determination

How to Build a Startup – Ideas into Reality

Executing on startups
Testing startups ideas
Product market fit
Product market fit (Bonus)
Building product in the leanest way possible (1/2)
Building product in the leanest way possible (2/2)
The startup process
Grit and perseverance

How to Find Business Mentors

How to find mentors (1/4)
How to find mentors (2/4)
How to find mentors (3/4)
How to find mentors (4/4)

Startup Growth and Marketing

How I grew my startup to $10million with SEO
Keyword Research and Strategy
Sourcing Datasets
Generating Content with ChatGPT
Indexing Pages to to Boost your Startup’s Online Presence
Link Building Strategies
Monitoring Results for Online Visibility