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Learn the effective technique of goal setting to achieve personal and professional success!

What you will learn

How to Set Goals

How to Set Effective Goals and Achieve them

WOOP Strategy

Obstacles to Goal Setting


This course will help you in learning technique that is super effective in goal setting. Generally, 2% of people as per research set goals, and out of those who set goals, very few set effective goals. I also was under the category of setting goals, but not effective ones. I used to get under the trap of poor goals, which I was not able to fulfil often.

After learning the WOOPΒ Technique, the success rate of fulfilling goals increases by at least 50% and it is super fun and interesting to implement.

In this class, I have shared how you can use the Goal Setting techniques to reach and master your goals for an abundant and super successful life.

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Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who feels that goals are necessary to give direction to your life
  • Anyone who wants to plan a successful life
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to set goals that you achieve
  • Anyone who wishes to have mastery over setting goals
  • Anyone who wants to gain freedom with money and improve relationships.

What you’ll accomplish by the end of the course?

  1. Goal Mastery
  2. Setting Monthly and Yearly Goals
  3. Setting Effective Goals that Convert
  4. Massive Self-Transformation
  5. Reason for why some goals are poor goals


Course Introduction
History & Obstacles to Goal Setting
Why we fail at Goal Realizations?
The WOOP Strategy
The WOOP Strategy
Secrets for Successful Goals