Full Beginner Tutorial

What you will learn

Learn how to make your own website with WordPress

Learn how to use the #1 pagebuilder for WordPress to customize and build website (Elementor Pagebuilder Plugin)

Manage your own WordPress website

Learn how to customize a WordPress website

Understand what is needed to set up a website for you or a client (hosting, domain, wordpress and more)


Learn how to make a WordPress website using this step by step guide that walks you through every step you need to do to get a website up and running.

This course is for anyone that is looking to get a WordPress website up and running as easy as possible.

What we’ll cover:

  1. Get hosting to run your website
  2. Register a domain
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install the theme you’ll use
  5. Go through your WordPress and theme settings
  6. Choose a website template to customize
  7. Install and activate the WordPress plugins we’ll be using
  8. Learn how to use the WordPress page builder to customize your pages and layout
  9. Edit your homepage
  10. Edit all your other pages
  11. Learn how to create blog posts
  12. Edit your header and footer menus


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  • Create a free logo with this video
  • Upgrade to the premium version of Elementor for free

Check out the introduction video to see exactly what we are going to build and how we are going to build it. You will need to get hosting in order to run your website and we walk you through every step you need.

This course is all about helping you get your website up and running in the simplest and quickest way possible while helping you understand and learn all the skills and knowledge you need to manage and run your own professional wordpress website.

If you need any help, we’re here to answer your question. I hope to see you inside this WordPress website course!





Setting Up Website

Hosting Server
Register Domain + Set Up Website
Create Email Address
Install WordPress Theme

Website Settings and Template

WordPress settings
Select Template
Design Logo
Theme Settings

Customize Website

Learn Elementor
Upgrade Elementor
Edit Additional Pages

Header and Footer

Edit Menus
Edit Header
Create Blog Layout
Update User / Add Users