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A comprehensive guide to raising your first seed capital as a startup or funding for an existing business.

What you will learn

How To Make Yourself Attractive To Investors

How To Reach & Choose The Right Investor/s

Understand How Investors Think

Learn How To Create The Tools You Need

How To Pitch Your Idea

How To Use Smart Sources of Financing

The Secrets To Funding Success


Spend an hour with me Boomy Tokan form Start Your Own Business Academy as I take you through this practical course that will enable you to get the seed funding you require.

You will walk away with ideas and solution that will make your finding efforts effective and be better prepared to  reach your goals faster than before.

You will learn how to use the tried and tested solutions that are easy to implement and that produce results.

I will use a blend of personal experience and research to teach you how to:

  • Make Yourself Attractive To Investors
  • Reach  & Choose The Right Investor/s
  • Understand How Investors Think
  • Use The Tools You Need
  • Pitch Your Idea
  • Use Smart Sources of Financing
  • Use The Secrets To Funding Success
  • & Lots More!

In this course you will discover a wealth of ways that makes your business much more attractive to investors and reach the types of people willing to fund your ideas. Since you will understand how they think you will become better equipped to deliver great pitches that captivate them as well as deal with questions more effectively.

I will be teaching you how to build on the hard work you have already done so that you can reach your desired goals.


By the end of the hour, you’ll have the insights and tools you need to:

  • Develop the A-Z plan needed to raise seed funding
  • Create the business pitches that captivates the minds of potential funders
  • Become empowered to quickly overcome any disappointments and passionately progress towards results

This course will enable you to come away brimming with ideas you can put to work right away in your funding raising efforts.


How To Get Seed Funding Course highlights opportunities for you to make your pitches, letters and meetings with investors engaging and productive. This one-hour plus course is delivered to you after years of helping people like you raise the funding they required for their businesses.

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My experience based teaching will help you:

  • Cast away all fund raising fears
  • Approach investors with confidence
  • Course correct your efforts
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Raise the funding you need!
  • & Lots More!

Included in the course are links articles and one of my full course on “Learn How To Write A Business Plan in 1hr.”


The methods and techniques identified in this HOW TO GET SEED FUNDING COURSE are valuable both for startups and existing businesses.

The course is suitable for anyone that wants to raise seed funding. We recommend it for new and existing businesses including:

  • Anyone who wants to raise £5-100K for their businesses or projects
  • Those who are struggling to raise funding
  • Anyone afraid to step out and start the process of fundraising
  • Those who have experienced knock backs

If you’re seeking to raise funding and not merely “Try to raise funding” – your will find this course transformation and engaging. If you seem to have lost your way in the maze, this course will help you to course correct..


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to get the seed funding you want from someone who has done this many times. Sign up to HOW TO GET SEED FUNDING COURSE Now!

Course includes 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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The Beginning
Getting Started – Course Introduction
Definitions: Startup and Small Business
Definitions: Angels – VCs
Definitions: Seed Funding
Section Summary
Section Memory!
Getting Ready For Funding – “The Tools”
Tool: The MVP – Create It
Tool: The MVP – Test It
Tool: The MVP – Get Feedback
Tool: Proof Of Concept – Will Your Business Work?
Tool: Proof Of Concept – The Only Proof Is…
Tool: The Business Plan
Tool: Your Pitch Deck – Style 1a
Tool: Your Pitch Deck – Style 1b
Tool: Your Pitch Deck – Style 2a the “Ws”
Tool: Your Pitch Deck – Style 2b the “Ws”
Section Summary
Name The Tools
The Investors Perspective!
How Investors Think!
How To Impress Investors With What You Have
How To Impress Investors With What You Done
How To Impress Investors With Who You Are
Section Summary
What You Need To Impress Funders
How To Find The Right Investors
3 Simple Ways To Find Investors and Funders
Who Is Right For You?
Signs Of A Good Investor
Section Summary
Any Investor/Funder Is Great
3 Most Underrated Factors
Do Not Underestimate …
How Many Tweaks ….
The Process
Skill You Need To Develop
Most Underrated Factors
4 Smart Ways Of Raising Money
Upfront Payment
Great Terms Equates …
What About Factoring …
Organic Growth Leads To …
Section Summary
Smart Sources Of Funding
Seed Funding Secrets!
How To Increase Your Chances of Success
Section Summary
Lets Round Up The Secrets
Bonus Lecture
Resources Section