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How to find work! - for Freelance Tradespeople
All the tools and tips you need to maintain a busy work schedule and ultimately improve your income!

What you will learn

Learn how to establish a robust brand identity for your trade business.

Discover various strategies to effectively market your services and establish a prominent presence for your brand.

We will explore methods to sustain a reliable and uninterrupted workflow.

Enhance your grasp of the essential aspects needed to succeed as a freelance tradesperson.


Plumbers, Plasterers, Electricians, Carpenters, Bricklayers, Roofers, Painters, Tilers, Floor layers, Landscapers, Gardeners…

Tired of worrying about gaps in your work schedule? Are you thinking of starting up on your own? Or maybe you would simply like to increase your income? Well this course is for you!!

You see… the unfortunate fact is that the key to being a busy tradesman doesn’t just depend on how skilled you are at your trade, there is so much more to it than that. In this course we take a look at all ‘the other parts’ that contribute to keeping a fully loaded diary.

As the owner of a successful construction business, I share all the tools and tips I have found that have worked for me over the years, taking you through each step in a way you can actually implement.

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Theres no academic assignments, no confusing marketing jargon, its all pretty informal – just no nonsense advice that you can act on in order to get quick results and change your fortunes from today!

This course is great for...

Experienced freelance tradespeople whose phone just isn’t ringing – This is painful but you have the power to change things. Make it happen. Often a subtle change is all it takes to get the work come flooding in again. I throw plenty of ideas at you in this course.

Tradesmen considering ‘going it alone’ –  Fed up of working for someone else?… I feel your pain, that was me too. Just remember there will never be 100% the right time to breakaway. This course will help you realise the many ways to find work and motivate to take the leap! I will be there to personally support you and offer one to one advice should you need it.




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