For Mechanical,Civil & Structural Engineering students and working professionals !

What you will learn

You will learn about beam reactions

How to draw shear diagram or shear force diagram

How to draw bending moment diagram

How to calculate point of ZERO shear & contraflexure


Very useful course to clear the concept of how to draw shear diagram & bending moment diagram, how to find point of zero shear and point of contraflexure.

The course is designed in such a way that it will be very easy to understand the concept as animations are used wherever necessary !

The course will teach you how to draw shear force diagram & bending moment diagram for simply supported beams with point loads, uniformly distributed loads , combination of point load & u.d.l. , Overhanging beam & cantilever beam.

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For structural design, it is very important to calculate the beam reactions , shear force & maximum bending moment at a section.

It will cover the following :

  • Sfd bmd questions
  • Shear force diagram
  • Bending moment diagram
  • cantilever Bending & shear diagram
  • Maximum bending moment & shear force
  • Sfd & bmd for cantilever beam with point load
  • Trapezoidal load shear and moment diagram
  • Uniformly varying load sfd and bmd
  • Trapezoidal load shear and moment diagram
  • Shear force triangular distributed load
  • Mos shear force and bending moment
  • Sfd and bmd tricks
  • Understanding shear and moment diagrams
  • Sfd and bmd for standard cases
  • Bending moment diagram distributed load
  • How to calculate point of zero shear & point of contraflexure
  • Excel calculators for SFD & BMD



Lecture 2 : Basics of shear force & bending moment diagram -2

Simply supported beam

L3 How to draw S.F.D. & B.M.D. for simply supported beam carrying point loads
L4 Overhanging beam SFD & BMD – Point of contra flexure

Cantilever beam

L24 How to draw S.F.D.& B.M.D.(Cantilever beam)
L9 How to draw S.F.D. & B.M.D. – Cantilever beam carrying point loads & end mom